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mild cramping is normal,but severe,sounds like trouble.see your doctor immediately

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Q: Im two months pregnant and im having severe cramps?
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Could a woman be pregnant if she expierences bleeding and severe cramps not like normal period cramps?

Yes she can be pregnant, and if she is pregnant and is bleeding she is at risk of a miscarriage, and should see a doctor immediately.

Is severe cramping and bleeding normal while 5 months pregnant?

I wouldn't think so. I would go to the doctors to make sure everything is ok. I have one kid and i never bled or had cramps while i was pregnant. I have heard of bleeding but not severe cramping.

How severe are heat cramps?

Heat cramps are the least severe of the heat-related illnesses. This heat disorder is often the first signal that the body is having difficulty with increased temperature.

Can NuvaRing cause cramps?

Some women may have cramps as a side effect in the first few months of NuvaRing use. If the cramps are severe, are accompanied by other symptoms, or last longer than three months, contact your health care provider for advice.

How much bigger would you be two months pregnant?

I think you will gain like 7 lbs. in two weeks pregnancy.Add it in your pre-pregnant weight. Unless if your not having severe nausea and vomiting.

Severe bad tummy cramps and pooing a lot and sleeping a lot?

If you are having severe tummy cramps, using the restroom, and sleeping a lot you could be suffering from PMS or a stomach bug. A doctor can diagnose you in his office.

Why are you having severe foot cramping?

There are 2 main reasons you could be having foot cramps. You could be dehydrated or you are not exercising your feet enough.

What is symptomatic of salmonellosis in pregnant women and newborns?

Symptoms of salmonellosis can be severe in pregnant women and newborns and may include diarrhea; fever; abdominal cramps; and, rarely, meningitis.

How strong can early pregnancy cramps be?

Im 7 weeks pregnant and my cramps were so bad and severe that I was certain I was going to have a miscarriage I went to the emergency room and things were fine. Cramping can be light to severe but you should check with your doctor if ever in doubt that's what they are there for :) Best of luck

I am 5 weeks pregnant and have bleeding cramps and severe lower back pain. Are these signs of a miscarriage?

I'm not a expert If I was you I would go see a doctor straight away you could be having a period while pregnant where as most women do its scary but hopefully the doctors says everything is fine. Its better to be safe than sorry I would say. I would say Cramps is a sign of miscarriage.

Severe cramps while pregnant?

Cramps may mean merely that your uterus is stretching to accomodate a growing baby, but severe cramps may be indicative of something more serious. Any cramping accompanied by bleeding warrants a phone call and visit to the doctor's office immediately. Severe cramping (without bleeding) that does not improve after a short rest should not be taken lightly either. Hopefully the cramps are nothing more than gas pains or your uterus growing. I wish you the best.

How does salmonella affect pregnant women?

Severe vomiting, diarrhea and cramping. This is why pregnant women should avoid the kinds of food that you can get Salmonella from. The cramps can be so severe you miscarry. Also not being able to keep anything down and be sick for weeks in a hospital is not good..

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