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Imporatance of statistics in the field of medical research?

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evidence-based practice

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Importance of statistics in commerce and business field?

statistics had a great role in the business and commerce field . it also had agreat role in the field of research.

What are the statistics of medical assistants and billers needed in the medical field?

salary for medical assistants

What are the importance of statistics in the field of research?

Statistics are needed to analyze data and show which outcomes are significant.

How statistics are used in the medical field?

Statistics are used in many different ways in the medical field. Mainly they are used to evaluate medical practice, the efficacy and safety of drugs and to assess diseases.Data from many sources (e.g. primary care records, clinical trials, observational studies, etc) are analysed to create statistics. These statistics are then collected and evaluated to ultimately improve medical practice.For more information on the use of statistics see

How can graduates in the medical research field find employment?

Graduates of medical research should research jobs in their field. The educational institute will probably assist in finding job placements for new graduates. There are also many jobs listed online.

General field of statistics?

what are the general field of statistics?

What are the uses of statistics in nursing?

There are diverse uses of statistics in nursing. These is used in checking the patients records and the prevailing trends in the medical field among other things.

What is the use of statistics in engeneering field?

application of statistics in engineering field

What is the importance of statistics in the field of economics?

importance of statistics in field of economics

What is the importance of statistics in research?

Ø Statistics is the science of collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data. It has wide usage in the field of research. In fact all the data collection and interpretation techniques used in Research are part of statistics. Ø It makes use of descriptive statistics for collection of data and inferential statistics for drawing inferences from this set of data. Ø The subject called research statistics & statistics is very important in research because that is the backbone of your research. Ø The Numbers gives an easy idea of how you conducted your research. Ø Statistics provides a platform for research as to; How to go about your research, either to consider a sample or the whole population, the Techniques to use in data collection and observation, how to go about the data description (using measure of central tendency). Ø To wrap it up, statistics as a science of data collection, analysis, interpretation, explanation and presentation will guide you in research for proper characterization, summarization, presentation and interpretation of your research result for proper action.

What is the least stressful medical field?

The least stressful medical field is medical research. The least stressful medical field where you are dealing with patients is probably urology. I honestly have no idea - I think that all jobs in the medical field have some element of stress, but if I had to guess, I think it'd either be a nutritionist or a pediatrician, as neither have to perform surgery.

What makes library research different from field research?

A library research is a research in the library while field research is research in the field.....................

Requirement to get a job in the field of clinical research?

Typically, the minimum educational requirement is a master's degree. However, meaning research requires a doctorate within the field you are involved in. Outside of the medical field, the degree required is usually a PhD.

Importance of statistics in field of computer science?

There are many reasons why statistics in are in important in a field of computer science. These statistics help improve computers.

Importance of statistics in the field of welding?

what are the importance of statistics to welding

Significant Work in the Field of Health Research?

A position in the field of health research carries with it both personal and professional rewards. The occupation of medical scientist is just one of the options to consider. The work of a medical scientist can help humans to lead healthier lives. First, one of the main tasks of a medical scientist is to conduct research. For example, some medical scientists conduct research on specific diseases or viruses. In fact, the research of a medical scientist can lead to new medications and better treatments for diseases. Medical scientists generally work in a laboratory environment in a hospital or a clinic. Furthermore, some qualified medical scientists help with clinical trials involving medications. By studying the effects of a new medication, a medical scientist can determine its benefits as well as what needs to be changed. In short, the research efforts of a medical scientist can result in effective treatments for diseases. Not surprisingly, a person must be well educated to prepare for the significant work of a medical scientist. The starting point for most medical scientists is earning a Ph.D. in biological science. Many medical scientists participate in postdoctoral work in order to gain more experience in conducting research. A medical scientist can also earn a medical degree that enables him or her to conduct clinical work. In short, a person who wants to become a medical scientist must dedicate him or herself to approximately six to eight years of concentrated study depending on their educational path. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the, ..median annual wages of medical scientists, except epidemiologists, were $72,590 in May 2008. Some medical scientists work independently while others are part of a team of colleagues. Furthermore, some medical scientists work on projects that are funded by grants. The need for medical research is ongoing so it seems likely that the field of health research will continue to grow. The ability to conduct careful, thorough research is necessary for the success of a medical scientist. The field of health research continues to expand and attract well-qualified individuals. Knowledgeable people who are interested in improving the health of the public should consider the occupation of medical scientist.

What are relationship between econometrics and statistics?

Econometrics is basically applied statistics. The theory you learn in statistics can be used to answer questions posed in the field of economics. Because this application is mathematical, it allows economists to perform research using economic data in an empirical, scientific, and rigorous manner.

Why would statistics be important in the field of education?

Statistics are important to the field of education because they mark measurements. Test scores, strategies, and initiatives are measured and bench marks are set by studying statistics in the field of education.

What is the important of statistics in the field of medicine?

Statistics are a crucial part of the field of medicine. Health statistics provide information about studies which help to track the progress of research and development of new cures and technology. In addition, health statistics give a good glimpse of the overall health of the human race, showing which diseases are prevalent in different locations, as well as how the quality of health varies by location, age, and other factors.

research medical center jobs?

There are plenty of jobs that have not been directly impacted by the economic downturn. Those within the medical industry are some of the most secure, as people still need healthcare and there is still plenty of spending on medical research. If you are looking for research medical center jobs, then there are some things you need to know. These jobs would seem to be easier to get, since there are so many of them around the country. This is partially true, as people with the proper qualifications have an opportunity to land research medical center jobs.Landing research medical center jobsIf you are looking for research medical center jobs, then you need to have the proper background. For most people, this means a background in the hard sciences or medicine. Many use the research field as a spring board into medical school, so it seems logical that a pre-medical track would be a good place to start. With a degree in chemistry, biology, or physics on your resume, you stand a better chance of landing research medical center jobs.These jobs are notoriously technical, so your personality and soft skills will matter less. What those in charge care about is how well you can do your job, so focus on bulking up your resume with lots of items that indicate your strength in research.What research medical center jobs exist?Within a research medical center, there are plenty of ways to make a difference. You might work as a lab technician, assisting scientists with their experiments. For those who have completed medical school or PA school, it is possible to land research medical center jobs as a resident or a physician’s assistant. Most research medical centers are also full blown hospitals, so they have a full listing of medical jobs, too. The research element is often just as important, though, so the doctors, nurses, and staff working there are geared toward advancing certain treatments.Money in the medical fieldAs you probably know, the barrier to entry in the medical field is the highest of any field. Doing almost anything in the medical field requires at least a two year degree, and most research medical center jobs require years of training. This helps make the salaries very high for any and all medical personnel. Doctors make $250,000 and up. PAs make $75,000 to $90,000. Registered nurses make $75,000 to $85,000. All jobs within this field are compensated well.

Why did you choose the medical field?

why did you choose the medical field?

What are the two fields of statistics?

there are field in education and field in business......

What research has been done on nutrition?

An enormous body of research exists in the field of nutrition. Mainstream Western medical practitioners point to studies that show that a balanced diet

What is the importance of chemistry in medical field?

Chemistry is important in the medical field due to the use of medicines in the medical field.

How advanced is the medical field?

Well, it's pretty advanced now, but even by the day it still grows. There are many research programs these days, and medical discoveries are common.