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general proficiency in is useful for the students because increases the student's confidence.

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Q: Importance of general proficiency in
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What is firearm proficiency?

In general, proficiency refers to the competent use of any item.

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What is the importance of studying general psychology?

Studying general psychology is important because it provides a foundational understanding of human behavior, cognition, and emotions. This knowledge helps individuals in various fields such as education, healthcare, business, and counseling to better understand themselves and others, leading to improved relationships and decision-making skills.

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Type your answer here... up to 5000 general rank

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Proficiency tests can differ in terms of the specific language skills being assessed (e.g. speaking, writing, reading, listening), the target proficiency level (e.g. beginner, intermediate, advanced), the scale used to evaluate proficiency (e.g. CEFR, ACTFL), and the purpose of the test (e.g. academic, professional, general purpose).

Do you say proficiency in or with?

Proficiency in

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