In 2005 what percent completion did the Kansas City Chiefs have on fourth down conversions?

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Where do the Kansas City Chiefs play?

Answer They play in Kansas City, Missouri (the "Kansas" part causes a lot of confusion. Although, there is a KC, KS, it's much smaller) in Arrowhead Stadium

Did Steve Young ever play for the Kansas City Chiefs?

No. Young spent 1985-1986 with Tampa Bay and 1987-1999 with San Francisco. You may be thinking of Joe Montana who, after 14 years (1979-1992) in San Francisco, was traded to Kansas City and spent the final two years of his career with the Chiefs.

How much are the Kansas City Chiefs worth?

According to, the Chiefs franchise is worth $1.016 billion as of September 2008. They were bought for $25,000 in 1960 as the Dallas Texans.

How did the Kansas City Chiefs get there name?

When the Dalas Texans wanted to move the team to Kansas City the Chief of the city at the time was very supportive of the move and he was apparently a very loved man so in honour of him they named the team, the "Chiefs"

Where did the Kansas City Chiefs get their name?

Their old name was the Dallas Texans. But when they moved to Kansas City, their name was after the Mayor of Kansas City, who's nickname was "chief". Hope that helps

How did the Kansas City Chiefs get their name?

they had a contest to see what the new team name would be when they moved up from Texas when they held the contest chiefs was the most popular so they chosse it

What year did the Kansas City Chiefs win the Super Bowl?

On January 11, 1970, the 1969 NFL Season Super Bowl was won by the Kansas City Chiefs over the Minnesota Vikings by a score of 23 - 7, and the Chiefs remain 1 for 2 in Super Bowls to this day. They lost Super Bowl 1 to the fabled Green Bay Packers by a score of 35 -10.. The Minnesota Vikings, by th ( Full Answer )

Who owns the Kansas City Chiefs?

The Hunt Family. Clark Hunt is currently the lead owner. He is the son of former Chiefs' owner and AFL founder, Lamar Hunt.

Who is number 88 on Kansas City Chiefs?

Tony Gonzalez he plays Tight end And he's so hot i would bang that hard till i die. Tony Gonzalez he plays Tight end And he's so hot i would bang that hard till i die. Tony Gonzalez he plays Tight end And he's so hot i would bang that hard till i die. Tony Gonzalez he plays Tight end And he's so ( Full Answer )

Who did the Kansas City Chiefs draft in 2001?

3(#75) Eric Downing DT. 3(#77) Snoop Minnis WR. 4(#107) Monty Beisel LB. 4(#108) George Layne RB. 5(#141) Billy Baber TE. 5(#150) Derrick Blaylock RB. 6(#176) Alex Sulfsted T. 7(#212) Shaunard Harts S. 7(#243) Terdell Sands DT. note that there was no 1st or 2nd round pick because of trades ( Full Answer )

What are the pms colors for the Kansas City Chiefs?

I found the coated PMS colors for the KC Chiefs are: 186 c (red) 1235 c (yellow/gold) White And when they use black they use: Black 6 c I don't know if the uncoated colors are different. They may be the same.

What is Kansas City Chiefs mascot?

From 1963 to 1988 the Chief's mascot was Warpaint, a pinto horse. Starting in 1989, the mascot became K.C. Wolf. For the 2009 season, the Chiefs used Warpaint again for the AFLs 50th anniversary. Although the Chief's main mascot is KC Wolf, they have been using War Paint when the Chiefs score touch ( Full Answer )

Who plays on the Kansas City Chiefs?

Branden Albert -76 Jackie Bates -22 Jovan Belcher -59 Dwayne Bower -82 Colin Brown -61 Brandon Carr -39 Matt Cassel -7 Tim Castille -46 Jamaal Charles -25 Dustin Colquitt -2 Brad Cottam -87 Mike Cox -42 Travis Daniels -34 Glenn Dorsey -72 Ron Edwards -95 Brandon Flowers ( Full Answer )

How much is a Kansas City Chiefs ticket?

balcony 50 field100 For the 3013 NFL season for the next Chiefs game at Mile High inDenver the price range is: Sec 534 $245 and Sec 107 $1470...there are lots of tickets in theunder $350 range...Go Chiefs

Do Kansas City Chiefs have a fight song?

Yes. here's the words. I've never heard it though. Give a cheer for Kansas City, Loud and clear for the red and gold, As the Chiefs march on to vict'ry Like Our mighty teams of old. Beat the drum, here they come Warriors, brave and strong. In the stands, loyal fans Cheer their team al ( Full Answer )

How are the Kansas City Chiefs doing?

In the 2010 season, they are doing very well, with playoff (PLAYOFFS?!) hopes very good looking. The running back tandem of Jamal Charles and Thomas Jones is extremely dynamic, definatly the bst in the league. Matt Cassel is haing an outstnding season, throwing less interceptions than the great Peyt ( Full Answer )

Who did the Kansas City Chiefs draft in 2003?

1st Round - Larry Johnson 2nd Round - Kawika Mitchell 3rd Round - Julian Battle 4th Round - Brett Williams 5th Round - Jordan Black 6th Round - Jimmy Wilkerson 7th Round - Montigue Sharpe 7th Round - Willie Pile 8 Picks overall

What year did the Kansas City Chiefs join the NFL?

Officially, 1970. The Kansas City Chiefs began as the Dallas Texans when the American Football League was formed in 1960. The Texans moved and became the Chiefs prior to the 1963 season. The Chiefs, along with the nine other AFL franchises, officially joined the NFL prior to the 1970 season.

Who was the kansas city chief tight end with one eye?

Fred Arbanas who played with the team between 1962-1970. He lost the sight in his left eye after a mugging in late 1964 and played the last six seasons of his career seeing out of only his right eye.

Who is the winningest coach for the Kansas City Chiefs?

Hank Stram is the all time winningest coach in Kansas City history. Going back to when the Chiefs were founded, in 1960 as the Dallas Texans, Stram compiled a career record of 124 wins, 76 losses, and 10 ties.