Kansas City Chiefs

This category is for questions about the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs are a NFL football team. They were established in 1960, and won Super Bowl IV in 1970.

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How many carries did Larry Johnson have to break the NFL record?

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Larry Johnson had 416 carries in the 2006 NFL season to break the single-season record set by Jamal Lewis in 2003.

How much for a 1973 signed football from Kansas City Chiefs?

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We currently have for sale on eBay (, a 1968 AFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 50) of the Oakland Raiders team and a 1972 NFL football autographed by 44 members (out of 52) of the LA Rams team. The bidding starts at $2,500.00 for the Raiders autographed football and $980 for the LA Rams football. Check them out!

Who is the Kansas City Chiefs defensive coordinator?

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Currently, Perry Fewell is the New York Giants defensive coordinator.

What year did Tony Gonzalez play for the chiefs?

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Tony Gonzalez played for the Kansas City Chiefs as a Tight End from 1997 to 2008. He holds 5 records for the Chiefs as well as 7 NFL records. He now plays for the Atlanta Falcons.

What two roles did the village chiefs play?

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Taking care of the people and their religious believes.

Who was on the 1967 Kansas City Chiefs defense?

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One of them was Evelyn Millentree from Execelsior Springs, Mo. She was a beautiful girl who was very popular in high school where she was also a cheerleader and was a christian and a very strong worker in the community of Excelsior Sprinngs, Mo. She has since been married and resides in Oklahoma.

Who was the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback in 1997?

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Elvis Grbac started 10 games and Rich Gannon started 6 games. Grbac started in the playoff loss to the Broncos.

Where did the chiefs first play in Kansas City?

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Dallas The Chiefs played as the Dallas Texans between 1960-1962.

Who has a better record the chiefs or the raiders?

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Well that's more of an opinion question, but the Chiefs are leading all time in the series with a record of 59-51-2 as of the 2013 season. The Chiefs also lead the playoff record between the two with a record of 2-1.

What is the name of the former wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers who caught a 37 yard pass from quarterback Bart Starr and became the first person to score a touchdown in the first Super Bowl?

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Max McGee caught the first touchdown pass in Super Bowl I (technically the first AFL-NFL World Championship) on January 15, 1967, as the Packers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10. He caught 2 touchdowns in that game and a reception that set up a touchdown in Super Bowl II the following year, which marked his final season in the NFL.

Who did the Kansas City Chiefs beat in super bowl 4?

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Offense ...

QB - Len Dawson

TE - Fred Arbanas

WR - Otis Taylor, Frank Pitts

HB - Mike Garrett

FB - Robert Holmes

OT - Jim Tyrer, Dave Hill

OG - Ed Budde, Mo Moorman

C - E.J. Holub

Defense ...

DE - Aaron Brown, Jerry Mays

DT - Buck Buchanan, Curley Culp

LB - Bobby Bell, Willie Lanier, Jim Lynch

CB - Emmitt Thomas, Jim Marsalis

S - Johnny Robinson, Jim Kearney

Who was the starting running back for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2005?

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There is no certain answer but some of the best in franchise history include; Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes, and Christian Okoye

What Super Bowls have the chiefs been in?

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They have been in Superbowl I which they lost to the Greenbay Packers and in Superbowl IV which they won against the Minnesota Vikings

What is the Cleveland Browns all time record against the Denver Broncos?

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The Denver Broncos have a 25-16 lifetime record against the New England Patriots in regular season play.

The teams have also faced each other twice in the playoffs. The Broncos are 2-0 against the Patriots in post season play.

What is the Kansas City Chiefs mailing address?

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Kansas City Chiefs Office


907 Everett Ave, Kansas City

How many Deputy Chiefs are there in the NYPD?

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There is 1 Commissioner

1 First Deputy Commissioner

1 Chief of Department


23 Bureaus commanded by either a Deputy Commissioner or Bureau Chief.

There has to be over 50 Deputy Chiefs

(Rank Structure) *Highest to Lowest*


First Deputy Commissioner/Chief of Department

Deputy Commissioner/Bureau Chief

Assistant Chief

Deputy Chief (Your Question)


Deputy Inspector




Detective (Grade 3, Grade 2, & Grade 1)

Police Officer


Who is the only Chief's Quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

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John Elway of the Denver Broncos was the first quarterback to start five Super Bowls. His record in those games was 2-3.

  • Super Bowl XXI (Jan 25, 1987): NY Giants 39 - Denver Broncos 20
  • Super Bowl XXII (Jan 31, 1988): Washington Redskins 42 - Denver Broncos 10
  • Super Bowl XXIV (Jan 28, 1990): SF 49ers 55 - Denver Broncos 10
  • Super Bowl XXXII (Jan 25, 1998): Denver Broncos 31 - Green Bay Packers 24
  • Super Bowl XXXIII (Jan 31, 1999): Denver Broncos 34 - Atlanta Falcons 19

More recently, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots has also started five Super Bowls. His record in those games is 3-2.

  • Super Bowl XXXVI (Feb 3, 2002): NE Patriots 20 - St Louis Rams 17
  • Super Bowl XXXVIII (Feb 1, 2004): NE Patriots 32 - Carolina Panthers 29
  • Super Bowl XXXIX (Feb 2, 2005): NE Patriots 24 - Philadelphia Eagles 21
  • Super Bowl XLII (Feb 3, 2008): NY Giants 17 - NE Patriots 17
  • Super Bowl XLVI (Feb 5, 2012): NY Giants 21 - NE Patriots 17

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In 1998 what professional football player for the Kansas City Chiefs wore number 20?

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Asked by Teresanelson

According to, there was no active player on the Kansas City Chiefs roster who wore number 20 in 1998.

When did the chiefs enter the NFL?

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The Chiefs became an NFL team in 1967 when the AFL merged with the NFL to become one league. They were one of the original AFL teams.

They were still in the AFL until 1970, they won the Super bowl IV in 1970 as the last AFL team, the following year they joined the NFL as part of the AFC

The Chiefs were originally named The Dallas Texans and was founded by Lamar Hunt as a member of the American Football League(AFL). The Chiefs relocated to Kansas City in 1963 and took the name that they have now. They then joined the NFL during the NFL-AFL merging in the year 1960.

What was the score in the 1967 Super Bowl?

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Super Bowl VI, played January 16, 1972 was won by the Dallas Cowboys by the score of 24-3 over the Miami Dolphins.

Who plays on the Kansas City Chiefs?

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Branden Albert -76

Jackie Bates -22

Jovan Belcher -59

Dwayne Bower -82

Colin Brown -61

Brandon Carr -39

Matt Cassel -7

Tim Castille -46

Jamaal Charles -25

Dustin Colquitt -2

Brad Cottam -87

Mike Cox -42

Travis Daniels -34

Glenn Dorsey -72

Ron Edwards -95

Brandon Flowers -24

Thomas Gafford -43

Dion Gales -70

Wallace Gilberry -92

Bobby Greenwood -65

Matt Gutierrez

Tamba Hali -91

Darryl Harris -66

David Herron -51

Tyson Jackson -94

Reshard Langford -48

Quinten Lawrence -14

Maurice Leggett -31

Derek Lokey -69

Lance Long -17

Alex Magee -71

Ingle Martin -15

Jon McGraw -47

Kestahn Moore

DaJuan Morgan -38

Jake O'Connell -85

Tyler Palko

Leonard Pope -45

Jermail Porter

Ricky Price -35

Barry Richardson -67

Mike Richardson -23

Kolby Smith -21

Andy Studebaker -91

Ryan Succop -6

Pierre Walters -97

Donald Washington -20

Brian Waters -54

Chandler Williams

Demorrio Williams -53

Javarris Williams -40