In Australia a sheila is what?

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"Sheila" is an Australian colloquialism for a woman.

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Q: In Australia a sheila is what?
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When was Sheila Helpmann born?

Sheila Helpmann was born in 1916, in Mt. Gambier, South Australia, Australia.

When did Sheila Helpmann die?

Sheila Helpmann died on July 19, 1994, in Sydney, Australia.

Is sheila also a word for girl in Australia?


When was Sheila Florance born?

Sheila Florance was born on July 24, 1916, in St. Kilda, Australia.

When did Sheila Florance die?

Sheila Florance died on October 12, 1991, in Melbourne, Australia of cancer.

How do you say pretty girl in Australia?

They speak English in Australia. An idiom for pretty girl in Australia might be pretty sheila.

What is the meaning of the name sheila?

The word sheila commonly used in Australia means a girl or woman notice the SHE in the word sheila as a guide remember when in doubt look for a familiar word.

How many hairdressers in Australia?

Tthree. Nassau, Johno and Sheila, of course

Is sheila a pronoun?

No, sheila is not a pronoun.The word 'sheila' is a noun, an informal word for a girl or young woman (a noun indigenous to Australia and New Zealand).The word 'Sheila' (capital S) is a proper noun, a name generally for a female.

What is the Australian word for lass?

The word "lass" is often used in Australia to describe a young girl. Colloquially the term "sheila" can be used in Australia to refer to a female.

What are beyonces parents called?

sheila and chris sheila and chris sheila and chris sheila and chris

What is a shiela?

The word 'Sheila' is a colloquial term for a woman in Australia and some other Commonwealth countries. It is also a woman's name.

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