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Q: In ELLA es De California what is the subject and verb?
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What is the verb in Ella es de California?

"Es", which is a form of the verb "ser" (to be).

What is the Spanish verb for the verb to recommend?

To recommend - recomendarPRESENTE DE INDICATIVOYo recomiendoTú recomiendasÉl/ella/usted recomiendaNosotros recomendamosVosotros recomendáisEllos/ellas/ustedes recomiendan

How do you say she is from new jersey in spanish?

"She is from Denmark" in Spanish is "Ella es de Dinamarca". It is pronounced "AY-ya ess day Dee-nah-MAR-ka". Please see the Related link below for confirmation of the translation.

What has the author Ella Dunbar Temple written?

Ella Dunbar Temple has written: 'La independencia de Piura' -- subject(s): Peru Piura, History

How do you say she goes to Spanish class in Spanish?

Ella VA a la clase de español. Ella VA a clases de español. Ella asiste a clases de español. Ella lleva clases de español. (She's taking Spanish.)

What is the verb that agrees with the subject Does everyone in Spanish classes want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Celebrate is the verb in the sentence.

What is she is from in spanish?

Ella es de

How do you write in Spanish her he she his and him?

Her --- Su (de ella) He --- Él She --- Ella His --- Su (de él) Him --- le / lo / a él / para él

What is where is she from in Spanish?

De donde es ella?

Where is she from in Spanish?

de donde es ella?

Her birthday is in Spanish?

cumpleanos de ella

How do say she is from in spanish?

ella es de