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Ender first enters Salamander Army, and then gets traded to rat army, and then Graff sends him to an army that ender commands Dragon Army. In Dragon Army Ender meets a kid named Bean.

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Q: In Ender's Game what is the first team ender goes in?
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What is the signafcance of the title 'Enders Game'?

It's because Ender masters the game. He was the best commander they ever had and because of him it is eventually destroyed. Also while he is battling the buggers he believes he is playing a simulation game. The whole thing, to him, is merely a game and not until the end does he understand that he was killing actual creatures.

What are the 3 main ideas of the first book of enders game and for the themes what is the universal statement that the author wants to communicate?

There is no single novel that goes by the title you have mentioned.

What nicknames does Georgiana Enders go by?

Georgiana Enders goes by Georgie.

What is the setting of Ender's Game?

First it is set on Earth, then Ender goes out to to Battle School in the Belt. After that he goes back to Earth, then back to battle school, then on to Command School on Eros. Later, he leaves for the bugger planet. Hope this helps!

What's five quotations that relate to the overall theme of the novel enders game and explain the important development in each quotation?

There is no novel that goes by such a name.

What is the order of the Ender's Games book?

There are three versions of the order of the series. The first one, by timeline:Ender's GameEnder's ShadowA War of GiftsShadow of the HegemonShadow PuppetsShadow of the GiantEnder in ExileSpeaker for the DeadXenocideChildren of the MindThe second one, by release date (our library uses this one):Ender's GameSpeaker for the DeadXenocideChildren of the MindEnder's ShadowShadow of the HegemonShadow PuppetsShadow of the GiantA War of GiftsEnder in ExileThe third one, as it appears on the list of "other books by Orson Scott Card" (I prefer to use this one):Ender's GameEnder's ShadowShadow of the HegemonShadow PuppetsShadow of the GiantSpeaker for the DeadXenocideChildren of the MindA War of GiftsEnder in ExileThere are probably going to be more books, like the one being planned right now called Shadows in Flight, and there is also a book called The Authorized Ender Companion, but it is by a different author and is basically just side things, like an encyclopaedia of Ender subjects and movie news as of its publication date. Don't blame me if this answer goes out of date by the time you read it, because I'm not clairvoyant, I like to Google things about Ender. You should try it some time.

Who goes first after winning chess game?

White always goes first.

What nicknames does Ian Nash go by?

Ian Nash goes by Raptor Ender.

When playing a game who goes first youngest or oldest?

it depends what game your playing, on most games you have to roll dice to see who goes first, but on to the question , its the youngest who usually goes first!!

How was the conflict in enders game resolved?

Dear Asker, I sincerely think you should just read the book, it is... magnificent. Orson Scott Card (the author) did such a good job, but when people hear about how it has aliens in it coming to destroy earth, they back out. ****SPOILER ALERT FOR ENDER'S GAME**** In the end of the book, Ender is sent to an academy on a planet named Eros. It is very small and dark. He plays a game, very realistic where he can see everything in three dimension. He has ships, and the enemy too. And so every time, Ender manages to win the level and gain entrance to the next one. After a while, he became a little crazy, didnt sleep much and didnt have a lot of human contact. One day, a couple of Earth's leader came to see Ender play. Mazer Rackham (his mentor) and Hyrum Graff (his other mentor) told him that this was the last level. He put on the microphone and "played" the game with his friends from battle school (including Bean, Hot Soup, Petra...) At the end of the battle, Ender released a scientifically engineered bomb with the capability to destroy a planet. The bomb fell on the buggers (or formics) home planet, and destroyed the planet, along with every alien ship. Ender then sees all the Earth dirigents crying and praying to their gods, huging each other. Thats when Mazer tells him nothing was a game, it was all real, the war ended and Ender became a colonist with his sister. He then goes to another world called Shakespeare in the second book. Hope it helps, <(") Skba (")>

What was chapter 9 about in the book Ender's Game?

Several things are going on in that chapter. One of them is that Ender is playing the computer game, and it has shown him a picture of his brother, which is a big mental roadblock for him. Graff knows this, and he is mad. He wants to find out how it happened, but the programmer guy says that the game is doing it on its own, and that somehow Ender needed to face that. So, Graff goes to Earth to talk to Valentine and convince her to write a letter to Ender. She knows it won't fool him, but she gives him the message that Graff wanted to send, because she agrees that it could help. She realizes also in this chapter that she and Peter are a lot alike... not in pure evilness, but in the ability to manipulate and convince others, and she goes along with Peter because she thinks she can temper him, and because he is working for things that she wants too. Anyway, Ender reads the letter and knows he is being manipulated, which hurts him, but it also kind of helps him because he is angry enough to go farther in the game, and he realizes that the perfect image he has in his mind of Valentine maybe isn't absolutely accurate--or at least that it shouldn't stay static. He is able to see her in the game instead of Peter next time he goes into it, and together they move on, so he feels like she will be with him going forward, and it isn't just a memory that he has to freeze in time. It is a win for Ender, but also a win for Graff, because Ender is engaging and moving forward again... motivated to do battle.

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