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In Excel, a number can contain be characters

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Numbers are 0-9. A cell with numbers also can contain the symbols -+*/,.()[]{}&'"
decimal point

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Q: In Excel a number can contain what characters?
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How many characters can be typed into an Office 2007 cell?

In Microsoft Excel 2007, Total number of characters that a cell can contain is 32,767 characters. Source: Microsoft Office Website Check related link..

In excel a number can contain the characters...?

A minus sign, full stops and commas for normal numbers, and also currency symbols.

What are excel characters?

excel characters are symbols like @ instead of using the word at.

What characters are not allowed in Microsoft Excel?

I am not aware of any characters that are not allowed to be entered into an excel cell. However, there are some special rules about characters. You can not use spaces in macro or range names. You can not use a number as the first character in a range name.

What are the wildcard characters in Excel?

The * and ? and ~ are the three wildcard symbols in Excel.

How do you change column A default to a numeric number?

In Excel all columns default numeric characters to numbers.

What are special characters?

in excel workbook these are symbols.

How many characters can Excel remember?


What are characters called in Microsoft Excel?

A possible answer is text, numbers, and special characters.

Can cell names contain spaces in Excel?


What is the approximate width of a cell in Excel?

8.43 characters

How you separate characters from the right in excel?

Text to column