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Victor von Frankenstein is the creator of the monster (who has no name) in the story. He made the monster.

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How does frankenstein meet victor Frankenstein?

Frankenstein meets victor Frankenstein when it/he was created because when he awoke victor came up to him to tell him what his purpose was.

When was Victor Frankenstein created?

Victor Frankenstein was created in 1818.

Who is the stranger in Frankenstein?

the stranger in frankenstein is victor frankenstein

Where is he from in Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein is from Geneva.

What is Frankenstein's first name?

Victor Frankenstein was the scientist who created the monster in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.VictorVictor

Where did Victor get the bodies for Frankenstein?

Frankenstein is not the creature Victor FRANKENSTEIN created. He obtained the body parts in graves and slaughter houses.

How was the monster described by Victor Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein described the monster with evil, murderer, destroyer...

What is a genovese who is one in Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein is a genovese.

What is the full name of Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein Remember- Frankenstein is the creator not the monster!

What drug does victor Frankenstein take to make him sleep?

Victor Frankenstein takes laudanum to help him sleep

Who is the chemist and inventor in Frankenstein?

Victor Frankenstein is the chemist and inventor.

Who is Frankenstein in the novels?

Victor Frankenstein was a scientist who created the monster.

How does Victor Frankenstein benefit Captain Robert Walton?

As the main protagonist, Victor Frankenstein does benefit Captain Walton.

Who made Frankenstein?

Dr. Victor Frankenstein was the creator of the Frankenstein monster.The monster itself has no name.

Who was William Frankenstein in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein?

William Frankenstein was Victor Frankenstein's younger brother.

Who is William Frankenstein?

Willian Frankenstein is the youngest little brother of Victor Frankenstein (the creator of The Creature)

What village was Frankenstein from?

Victor Frankenstein grew up in Genova, Switzerland.

What is victor mother name in the book Frankenstein?

caroline frankenstein is who mother?

Who created the creature in Frankenstein?

Doctor Victor Frankenstein created the creature.

What did Frankenstein do?

He went around killing people that was close to victor because victor made Frankenstein not a nice looking person.

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