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In George Lopez when is max Lopez's birthday?

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the fifth of may

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Max on George Lopez is played by Luis Armand Garcia....LOL i just remembered! x]

George Lopez is about a family of 4. George. Angie, Carmen And Max. They all do stuff.

I think he is like...15-13

go to wikipedia and search list of george Lopez episodes. you will find the answer there. :) :P

George Lopez was stopped because of Luis Armand Garcia as role of Max Lopez has been passed away

No, George Lopez does not have a son. George Lopez has a daughter with his now former wife Ann Serrano. He has a pretend son named Max on his television show.

Luis Armand Garcia has: Played Jason in "ER" in 1994. Played Max in "George Lopez" in 2002. Played himself in "2002 ALMA Awards" in 2002. Played Little George in "George Lopez" in 2002. Played Max Lopez in "George Lopez" in 2002. Played Max in "Freddie" in 2005. Played himself in "Lopez Tonight" in 2009.

I don't believe George Lopez has a son. He has a daughter named Mayan Lopez. If you want to know the name of his character's son in the TV sitcom "George Lopez", the name is Max Lopez.

george,angie, vic, carmen, max, bennie, ernie

George Lopez - George Lopez Constance Marie - Angie Lopez Masiela Lusha - Carmen Lopez Valente Rodriguez - Ernie Cardenas Luis Armand Garcia - Max Lopez Aimee Garcia - Veronica Palmero Emiliano Diez - Vic Palmero Belita Moreno - Benny Lopez

George, Angie, Carmen, Max, Ernie, Benny, Vic, Veronica

George Lopez: George Lopez Constance Marie: Angie Lopez Luis Armand Garcia: Max Lopez Masiela Lusha: Carmen Lopez Valente Rodrigez: Ernie Cardenas Emiliano Diaz: Vic Palmero Belita Moreno: Benny Lopez

Luis Armando is famous for his role as Max Lopez on the well known sitcom: George Lopez.

His birthday is September 6, 1988.

7 George angie Benny Vic Carmen Ernie max

in the first episode he was 8 but toward the end he was 12

George and Angie do not have another child. In one episode Angie fakes being pregnant after she told George she was pregnant but the test was in accurate.

George, Grandma Benny, Carmen, Max, Angie, Ernie, Vic

George Lopez is sooooooo funny and the best. It has funny characters such as George, Angie, Benny, Max, Carmen, Ernie, Vic, and so much more. Whatch it!! It's the best.

Max is his son, Carmen is his daughter, Benny is his mother, and Angie is his wife.

In the show he has 2 Carmen and Max. In real life he has a daughter .

Max's birthday is the 6th September 1988 and he will be 24 in 2012. :) Hope I Helped! :)

His name is Max on the show but in real life his name is Luis Armand Garcia

I personally like the one called Dyslexic Show The where they find out Max has dyslexia

Because Jason needed it for his drug test and he was taking steroids

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