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What is protego in LEGO Harry Potter?

The incantation Protego activates a Shield Charm.

What does a shield charm do in the Harry Potter books?

The shield charm protect somone from a spell for a little while

What is the incantation for the shield charm?


How do you reflect a spell in Harry Potter?

Cast a shield charm.

What spell in Harry Potter makes a shield?

Protego Charm

What Harry Potter spell would you use to open a locked door?

Alohomora is the incantation for the Unlocking Charm.

What was Professor Lockhart's memory charm in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets?

Oblivate is the incantation for a memory charm in Harry Potter. Gilderoy Lockhart didn't invent them or anything, he just happened to be quite good at them.

What is the reverse spell for Wingardium Leviosa in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

There is no reversing spell, but there is Protego, which is a shield charm.

What is the tickling charm in Harry Potter?

The tickling charm is Rictusempra.

What is the patronus charm in harry potter?

It is a charm used to repel Dementors.

What spells does Harry Potter use the most?

Harry's signature spell is Expelliarmus although Stupefy is used quite alot by Harry. He also uses Protego(Shield Charm) and Expecto Patronum(Patronus Charm) commonly.

Is the Harry Potter spell flagrate a spell charm or curse?

the spell is a charm

What is a Harry Potter forgetting spell?

A Harry Potter forgetting spell is a memory charm called Obliviate.

Is pretego a Harry Potter spell?

Yes, Protego (pronounced proh-TAY-go) is a Harry Potter spell better known as the Shield Charm. It causes jinxes, curses and hexes to rebound the protector. HOPE I HELPED!! -HPFan4Lyfe!

What does the spell Rictusempra do in Harry Potter?

It is the tickling charm.

What charm marks the door in Harry Potter?


What does the Confundus charm in Harry Potter do?

It confuses somebody.

What does Alohomora do in Harry Potter?

It's the unlocking charm.

What do you say for the Banishing charm in Harry Potter?


What is the Summoning charm in the Harry Potter?

The Summoning Charm in Harry Potter is "Accio..." and whatever you need to summon. For example, if you wanted your book you would say "Accio Book!"

How did Harry Potter survive the killing curse in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows?

His mother's charm (Which is THE strongest charm) And that trying to kill an innocent kid is, well, illegal.

Is confundus a charm hex spell or jinx in the Harry Potter books?

Charm that confuses your victim.

What is the charm masters name in Harry Potter?

Professor Flitwick.

What is a patronus in Harry Potter?

In Harry Potter, a Patronus is a charm. The incantation for the Patronus charm is "Expecto Patronum." The Patronus charm produces a white, light-like animal suited individually to each wizard or witch. For the caster of the spell, the animal is a protector. The Patronus is the only known spell that repels Dementors, as well as Lethifolds. Additionally, Patronuses can also carry short messages to others without being hampered by walls or being intercepted, as used by the Order of the Phoenix.

What would a wizard say to produce a Patronus Charm?

The incantation for the Patronus Charm is "Expecto Patronum!"