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Q: In Indiana how is sales tax figured on a car trade?
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If you live in Indiana and buy a car in New York will you have to pay sales tax in Indiana?

You will pay Indiana sales tax (7%).

What sales tax do you pay when purchasing a car from a dealer in Indiana and live in Georgia?

Normally you pay the sales tax in the state you reside in. If you live in Georgia you would not pay sales tax in Indiana, you would pay sales taxes when you registered the car in Georgia.

What sales tax rate do you pay if you buy a car in Illinois but live in Indiana?

Sales tax is based on where you live. so you pay the sales tax of Indiana, which I believe is 7%

Do you pay sales tax on a car lease in Indiana?

yes, touche!

If you trade 1 car for another do you pay sales tax?

It varies from state to state. Where I live (Washington State) you pay sales tax on the difference in value between the new car and the trade-in vehicle. Example: New car purchase price $25,000, trade-in car value $10,000; tax is paid on $15,000. It varies from state to state. Where I live (Washington State) you pay sales tax on the difference in value between the new car and the trade-in vehicle. Example: New car purchase price $25,000, trade-in car value $10,000; tax is paid on $15,000.

Do you have to pay sales tax on a used car if you trade it within a week of purchase in Missouri?

== == The operative word here is SALES TAX. Which is collected when a car is SOLD. If you SOLD the car, then sales tax is due on that sale amount.

If you win a car but don't like the car you won can you trade it in to the dealership immediately for a car you want if so do u still have to pay sales tax on the car u won?

Yes you can trade the car. Yes you will have to pay sales tax and yes you will receive a 1099 tax form for the value of the car just in time for tax season next year.

If you purchase a new vehicle and trade one in is the 6 Pennsylvania sales tax calculated on the full purchase price or with the trade in amount deducted?

Sales tax in Pennsylvania is calculated on the difference between the sales price of the car and the trade-in amount. This is usually called the "money difference"

What is the used car sales tax in Nashville Tennessee?

Zero, if you trade a more expensive car in and get a cheaper one

What sales tax do you pay if you are from Indiana and you want to buy a new car in Wisconsin?

5 to 5.2% depending on the county you are in.

Are Indiana auto dealers required to collect sales tax if the vehicle is going out of state?

yes. i am a dealer in indiana and we are required to collect the 7% indiana sales tax and give the customer a tax form stating that we have collected the 7% indiana sales tax. the customer takes the tax form in when regestering the vehicle and payes the difference to their state. for example i sell a car to an illinois resident i collect the 7% and when they regester it in illinois they will pay the difference between the 2.

In PA is there a law stating that a new vehicle buyer must pay sales tax on the trade-in vehicle amount if the trade in vehicle title is not in the same name of the person buying the new vehicle?

Yes. Here's why:A person buying a new vehicle can only trade in a vehicle he/she owns personally. So, if you come to the dealer with a car your boyfriend owns, that he gave you to trade in on the car you're buying, the title to the car being traded must first be transferred into your name so that you can legally trade it. Unfortunately, in PA, sales tax is collected by the state every time a car is sold or the title changes hands. In a gift situation, tax is figured on the value of the car, except when a vehicle is given to an immediate family member (such as mother to daughter), in which situation no tax is charged.However, it can all be done at one sitting, so long as all the documents and ID's are in order.

Where can a Mazda Familia be bought?

One can purchase a Mazda Familia from: Sela, Auto Speed, Auto Trader, Gumtree, Car Point, Trade Car View, eBay, Trades Online, Sri Car, Car Sales, Trade Me, Breaker Yard, to name a few.

What is the KY sales tax for new cars?

New car sales tax in Ky is 6%. Trade in value is deducted from the selling price. You pay taxes on the difference.

Do you pay sales tax in new jersey for used car?

Yes, when you register it, the tax is collected by the MVD. If you trade a car in (at dealer) the value of trade in may reduce the amount the taxable sale is calculated on.

The growth of the suburbs led to?

grow in car sales

Where can you buy a good car for cheap?

Bell's Auto Sales is family owned and operated used car dealer, conveniently located in Bloomington Indiana and another dealership in Ellettsville Indiana. Bell's Auto Sales, Quality vehicles, at a price you can afford!Bell's Auto sales6001 W St Rd 46Bloomington, IN 47404

Where can one find sales of the Toyota Celica?

You can find sales of the Toyota Celica on Autotrader. This business sells thousands and thousands of different used and new cars or you can simply trade your car for it.

If I purchase a used car in Indiana but title it in AL do I pay Indiana sales tax or defer the tax when I title the car in AL IN law says no exemption for out of state purchasers can that be right?

You generally pay the sales tax where you purchase the vehicle. Sometimes, if it is in another state they are unwilling or unable to collect tax for that state. I would pay the tax at the dealer where you are purchasing it if that's what they say in Indiana. Make sure it is listed on your bill of sale so that when you register the vehicle, you can get credit for the sales tax in your state. If it is wrong, they States should work it out between themselves. If I were you I would call your Tax Commissioner's Office where you live and ask them as well unless you are will to pay sales tax twice.

United airlines showed a sitcom where the mom was a used car salesperson What is it called?

You are probably thinking of The Middle. The Heck family live in rural Indiana and the wife, in some seasons, was a used car sales person.

Is there a 3 day right of rescession for used car in Indiana?

No, the cooling off period or buyer's remorse law only applies to unsolicited sales and not to the purchase of an vehicle.

If Trading car for car do you pay taxes?

Yes. It is quick and doesn't cost you as much as you might think, especially if you drive the right kind of car. Also, many states give you credit for your trade when figuring sales tax. For instance, let's say you are buying a $20,000 car, and have a $12,000 trade. The sales tax in my state is 6 percent on cars. You will pay taxes on $8,000 in most states, instead of $20,000, for a savings of $720.

What two things contributed to the car culture?

Growing car Sales and growing suburbs. (Apex)

Where could one purchase a Isuzu Dmax online?

The Isuzu Dmax can be purchased online from many different online car dealers. Some examples of these online car dealers include Auto Trade and Car Sales.

Where can I find information about car donation programs in the state of Indiana?

Visit for information on car donation in Indiana