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Q: In JPAS the external interfaces section has links to CATS?
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How do you get neon cats the fly across your screen?

Go the link in the Related Links section, below.

What does a purebred manx look like?

Manx cats are compact tailless cats. For more informtion on them, follow the links in the related link section.

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Where is the link fan-clan on forums.warrior

It's in the section of "The Cats and The Clans" section. 3rd one down.

Why is the internet so meowish?

Because the internet has many links on cats.

You have an automatic eyeliner but you would like to make a cats eye kind of like Taylor Swift how can you simply do this without messing up?

Here's a couple videos. You can fast forward to the end where they do eyeliner. They're in the related links section.

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Any virtual cat games?

sims pets,Nintendogs and cats,on in the game section ther are cat games, and lots more!