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That is correct. In MLA style, titles of books are italicized rather than underlined when citing them in text.

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Q: In MLA titles of books are italicized not underlined.?
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Do you underline or italicize newspaper and magazine titles?

In AP style, newspaper and magazine titles should be italicized. In MLA style, newspaper and magazine titles should be italicized as well.

Are titles of essays underlined in essays?

Titles of articles are placed in quotes, because they appear in a longer publication, and the title of the journal in which they appear is italicized or underlined. Titles of books usually underlined or italicized.

How do you punctuate the title of a play?

you usually don't unless it should be aexponation mark or quiestion mark

Can you italicized periodical titles in MLA format?

Yes, in MLA format, periodical titles should be italicized. This includes titles of newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals.

Do you underline the title of a memoirs?

Yes, in MLA (Modern Language Association) format, a memoir is a type of book, and books should be either underlined or italicized. In AP (Associated Press) format, a memoir should be put in quotations.Example:In MLA format: Elie Wiesel's Night is a gripping read. OR Elie Wiesel's Night is a gripping read.In AP format: Elie Wiesel's "Night" is a gripping read.

Would the novel don quixote be underlined or italicized?

In MLA format, the novel "Don Quixote" should be italicized. In APA format, it should be italicized as well.

According to MLA style how should a book title be formatted on the works-cited page?

In MLA style, book titles should be italicized in the works-cited page. The title should be in italics if it is a standalone work (like a book) or enclosed in quotation marks if it is part of a larger work (like a chapter in an anthology).

Do you underline a novel?

Yes, the names of short stories should go in quotation marks. The general rule is that lengthier, stand-alone works, such as novels and plays, should be underlined or italicized, while shorter works, such as short stories (what I'm assuming you're referring to) and most poems should be placed in quotation marks.

How do you write the name of a chapter of a book in your paper in MLA style?

In quotes. Title of book is italicized or underlined.

Do you put the title of a novel in quotes or does it get underlined?

It is underlined under MLA rules or in italics under the APA rules, but never in qoutation marks. Quotation marks are used for quoting text from books, short story titles, articles in periodicals or reference works, etc.

Articles are underlined or in quotations?

If you mean newspaper or magazine articles, and if you are using MLA format (i.e., for an English class), then article titles should be in quotation marks rather than underlined or italicized. APA or Chicago formats may have different requirements; I'm not familiar with them.

What types of works use quotation marks for their titles?

Titles of stand-alone works (books, plays and movies) are italicized (or underlined). Also, titles of magazines and other periodicals (and newspapers) should be treated in the same way as titles of books - that is italicized or underlined.Titles of works that normally appear in collections or in periodicals go in quotation marks (poems, short stories, academic articles, newspaper articles).Underlining is sometimes used as an alternative to italics. Use either the one or the other consistently: do not use both. (If you are a student, follow the conventions in use at your school or college).- Movie titles, TV shows, etc.Movie titles are italicized, except for very short movies, which case are put in quotations.Titles of TV shows and series are also italicized. Titles of episodes of TV shows, however, are put in quotation marks. For example, episode "Bad Blood" of The X-files.- Songs and albumsSong titles should go in quotation marks and titles of albums should be italicized.According to MLA formatting, book titles require either italics or underlining.