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clothers but there are traditioanl costumes such as boba and abagda

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What kind of clothes people wear in Nigeria?

men wear formal clothes and women wear dresses in nigeria.

Which wear body is to nigeria?

What are you actually trying to ask?

What type of clothes do people wear in Nigeria?

cool kid

What types of women cloth wearing and their characteristics in Nigeria?

The women of Nigeria wear many of the same types of clothes that are worn in other parts of the world. Women in Nigeria who enjoy dressing traditionally may wear colorful long dresses and head wraps.

Women clothes wearing and their characteristics in Nigeria?

Women in Nigeria wear colors that show personality. For example is a woman was bright and funny. She would possibly wear Green, Yellow, And maybe white. It alls depends on what is her personna

What clothing do nigeria people wear?

Only the finest of elven craft knitwear and dwarven steel.

What do Muslims wear in Nigeria?

Muslim women in Nigeria wear traditional Islamic clothing for females, including the head covering known as hijab, and covering their body except for the hands and feet. Some male Muslims either wear traditional Islamic clothing including a hat and thobe, which is a long robe-like garment.

What kind of clothes do the people in Niger wear?

They wear lace. Niger is just like Nigeria, so the woman wear lace and wraps that they wrap around their waist. Men wear these long like dresses that are actually called boboes. (Woman wear a head wrap with their lace.)

Why was nigeria colonized by nigeria?

Nigeria was colonised by the British.

Am from nigeria how can you get the medicine here in nigeria?

lagos ststes nigeria

Which hemisphere is Nigeria in?

Nigeria is in the northern hemisphere. Nigeria is in the content of Africa.

What is the richest region in Nigeria?

The richest region in Nigeria is Western Nigeria.

What are the roles of Nigeria youth in the beginning of a new Nigeria?

Peaceful protesters should be

Who is the President of South Nigeria?

There is no South Nigeria, the president of Nigeria is Goodluck Jonathan.

Where is Nigeria Waterfall?

in Nigeria..............:P

Why is Nigeria underdeveloped?

Why is Nigeria underdeveloped?

Is Nigeria in Asia?

No. Nigeria is in Africa.

Is Nigeria in Europe?

Nigeria is in Africa.

What year is it in Nigeria?

It is 2012 in Nigeria.

Where did the Nigeria genocide occur?

In Nigeria

How many lakes does Nigeria have?

Nigeria has many lakes. Nigeria has so much lakes that no one can count them. In fact Nigeria has no lakes.

What are the types of constitutional in Nigeria?

types of constitutional in nigeria. merit and demerit of constitutional in nigeria. how many local government do we have in nigeria. list out 5 reason that proves that you are a nigeria. is nigeria federal system is a real federal system of goods.

Why is french spoken in Nigeria?

French is not spoken in Nigeria. You might be confusing Nigeria with Niger.

Who is the governor of Nigeria?

Nigeria does not have a governor, it has 36 governors who answer to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Which are the oldest companies in Nigeria?

First Bank of Nigeria Union Bank of Nigeria Chellarams

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