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on the rout to victory road

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Can you catch tentacool in Pokemon platinum with the old rod?

You can only catch Tentacool in Pokemon Platinium by surfing.

How do you see Pokemon 136 in the pokedex in platinum?

to see Pokemon 136 surf on Route 205 or 210 and you will find <drumroll> TENTACOOL!

Where can you find a tentacool in Pokemon platinum?

you can get one in pastoria city.Use surf and there is 75% that tentacool will come.

What lvl does tentacool evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Like all games Tentacool evolves into tentacruel at LV30

What Pokemon is number 72 in platinum?

national tentacool sihhoh misdreavus

Where do you see tentacool in Pokemon Platinum?

In almost all bodies of water like for example the route between canaclave city and jubilife.

Where do you find tentacool in pokemon platinum?

just use surf on almost any part of ocean

Where to see tentacool?

In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum you can find Tentacool in almost any large body of water. Once you get the move Surf from the Pastoria Gym go back to Sandgem town. You have to teach a Pokemon surf first, pretty much all Water type Pokemon can learn it. Then go down to the beach and use surf in the water. Swim around a bit and you're bound to run into a Tentacool.

What are pokedex numbers 133 136 and 137 in Pokemon platinum?

133 is octillery, 136 is tentacool, and 137 is tentacreul.

What is number 136 in Pokemon platinum?

in the national pokedex it is flareon which i have finished the national pokedex in the first pokedex it is tentacool in platnium

What Pokemon are at route 218 in Pokemon Platinum?

The Pokemon are Chatot,Tentacool,Tentacruel,Floatzel,Gastrodon west sea,Shellos west sea, Finneon,Gayarados, Lumineon,and mr.mime

What Pokemon is number 072 in Pokemon Platinum?

Tentacool is 072 i guess. im not so sure though cause ive seen it but everyone says its him sooo.

Who is 72 in the platinum pokedex?

In the National Pokedex, it is Tentacool. Should be the same for Platinum.

What is the Pokemon in 72?

Pokemon 72 is Tentacool.

How do you get manaphay in Pokemon Platinum?

on platinum, you see Manaphy in Mr.backlots Pokemon mansion

How does tentacool evolve in Pokemon Red?

Tentacool evolves into a Tentacruel at level 30.

What does tentacool evolve into in Pokemon?

Tentacool evolves into Tentacruel, starting at level 30.

Where can you see manaphy in platinum?

You can't see him in platinum. You have to transfer it from Pokemon Ranger

What level does tentacool evolve on in Pokemon sapphire?

Tentacool evolves on Lvl. 30 into Tentacruel.

One Pokemon Platinum which Pokemon can learn hydro pump?

In Pokemon platinum the Pokemon that can learn hydro pump are piplup,prinplup,empoleon,gyarados,psyduck,golduck,pelipper,marill,azumarill,tentacool,tentacruel,milotic,mantyke,mantine,vaporeon,and rotom,s washing machine form.

Can you see Ash in Pokemon Platinum?

Nope, you can't see Ash in Pokémon Platinum.

What level does tentacool evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Tentacool evolves at level 30 into Tentacruel.30

Where to see maniphy in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't see Manaphy in Pokemon Platinum, but I might trade you one. My email is likefruit89@yahoo.com.

What is number 136 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

In diamond is TENTACOOL but I am not sure about in other Pokemon games. In diamond is TENTACOOL but I am not sure about in other Pokemon games.

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