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In Pokemon ruby version how do you make the old man move in the cave of origin?

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A: First, you have to complete a majority of the main storyline up to the part to where Maxie Unleashes Groudon, and then the old man should move. He moves so that you can actually access the cave of origin to combat the destructive and enraged forces of Groudon. Groudon is level 45 then, and that's the only time you can see Groudon. So stock up on the supplies that you'll need to catch it if you want to. Plus, it IS where you get the HM07 Waterfall. (im to stupid to tell you how to complete "the main storyline" and i know alot of you have been searching for a while to figure out how to get past the old man and unlock the sootopolis gym, you need to find out where team magma went after mount pyre, and i just don't know, cuz im stupid, so ill give you a bunch a stupid information about this that isn't helpfull, because when i said, "you have to complete a majority of the main storyline up to the part to where Maxi Unleashes Groudon, and then the old man should move"... duhh, rite? you already know that's what you need to do, but I'm going to tell you how to do it because i cant answer your questions and i just feel like typing all this and posting it because it makes me feel special, so you're welcome for all the useless information.)

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Where can you catch Groudon in Pokemon ruby?

You catch it in the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City (Ruby Only) if you have Sapphire, you will encounter Kyogre in the Cave of Origin. You will have to encounter Groudon in the Seafloor Cavern before catching it in the Cave of Origin. It will be at the bottom of the cave and MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A RED ORB WITH YOU Groudon will be at lv.45 with this Summary. Moves:Slash, Fire Blast, Earthquake, Bulk Up. Stats: (stats are random) Catch rate: 5

How do you make the old man move to get into the cave of origin?

You need to make a Tokipee eat him.

Will there be a teen version of Pokemon?

i dint think they will ever make a teen version of pokemon. i my self want it

How do you get to the Pokemon league on Pokemon Pearl version?

Go to sunyshore city, then go up in the water (make sure you got surf and waterfall) to swim and to go up the waterfall to The Pokemon League then you will reach a Pokemon league cave past it and then go to the Pokemon league heal your Pokemon and fight

Where do you get steelix in Pokemon silver and gold version?

You have to have an Onix, make it hold metal coat, and trade it. or go too cliff cave i mean buy the Pokemon heart gold soul silver book shesh

How do you get into chargestone cave In Pokemon white?

there is a spider web there so you get pass the gym leader go to the cave he will come make his Pokemon brake it and give you a TM

What is the point of altering cave in Pokemon FireRed?

The point is this the reason why its called altering cave is because the Pokemon in the cave can be altered using a device called the E reader if you use this with E reader cards you can make certain Pokemon appear in the cave instead of zubat Pokemon like magmar and smeargle can be found this way.

How to get in cerulean cave?

To get into cerulean cave you have to become the pokemon league champion for starters, and then you would have to make a great achievement.

How do you get all of the 3 starter Pokemon on Pokemon black version?

You have to make a trade

How do you make a Pokemon follow you?

In video games, the only version you can make your Pokemon follow you is in Pokemon yellow ( only pikachu), Pokemon heartgold, and Pokemon soulsilver

Terra cave on pokemon?

This cave is only accessible in pokemon emerald version to make it appear first you must become the pokemon champion at the pokemon league afterward talk to the scientist on the top floor of the Weather Institute which is located southwest of Fortree City. Anyways after speaking to him he will mention either a Drought or Extreme Rain at a certain route if you go there you will notice the Drought/Extreme Rain if you look carefully around the route you should find a cave/secret diving spot which leads to Terra Cave/Marine Cave. Inside these caves you can capture a level 70 Groudon/Kyogre.

How do you get out of granite cave in pokemon sapphire?

make sure u have escape rope or a Pokemon that knows dig

What is the deal with the cave on outcast island Pokemon leafgreen?

There is nothing but zubat in there but if you have an E reader and E reader cards apparently you can make more Pokemon appear in the cave.

How do you make eggs hatch faster in Pokemon Crystal Version?

You can't make the eggs hatch faster, but you can play Pokemon Crystal Version on the Nintendo 64 with Pokemon Stadium 2 which has an option to increase the gamespeed.

How do you make a secret cave in Pokemon pearl?

you have to get a digger drill you have to get a digger drill

How do you make magneton evolve in Pokemon white?

Level him up in Chargestone Cave.

How can you make your Pokemon level one hundred in FireRed?

Keep fighting the Pokemon league or train in cerulian cave

What is after wish cave in Pokemon mystery dungeon red rescue team?

i think you get murky cave on murky cave make shore you have a strong level When i did it I cept on fainting

Are they going to make a remake of Pokemon Yellow version?

Probably Not ;)

How do you make an English version of Pokemon white to be in jappanese?

You can't.

How do you make Pokemon evolve in the Pokemon black version?

Type your answer here... you can't make pokemon evolive whenever you want they do it after meeting a certin thing.

How can you catch a level seventy mew two in Pokemon Blue version?

The only way to get Mewtwo in Pokemon blue is the defeat the Pokemon league, then head to Cerulean city. Slightly north of the city is an entrance to an unknown cave, once blocked by a person. Enter the cave and follow the winding paths and crossing water to reach Mewtwo. Make sure you have HM surf and HM strength.

How do you get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal?

Trade a Pokemon from an old version and make sure you have the fifth badge.

How do you evolve your partner in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

after you beat raquaza your partner will say you can make other Pokemon leaders choose your partner as the leader you also have unlocked luminous cave in wishcash pond make all Pokemon stand by then enter the cave talk to the stone and you will evolve

How do you catch the Pokemon Lapras in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can catch the Pokemon Lapras in Union Cave, but only on Fridays. Make sure you stock up on PokeBalls.