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Because his father doesn't allow it. because he thinks he's an ill boy. But Mary keeps getting disturbed by his crying and moaning.

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Q: In The Secret Garden why wasn't anybody allowed to see Colin?
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What color hair does Colin have in the book The Secret Garden?

In the book "The Secret Garden," Colin is described as having dark hair.

What did Mary insist on talking about with Colin. In The Secret Garden book?

In "The Secret Garden," Mary insisted on talking about the secret garden that she had discovered with Colin. She believed that the garden held secrets that could help Colin come alive and become stronger. Mary's persistence in discussing the garden ultimately led to Colin's physical and emotional transformation.

What are the ratings and certificates for The Secret Garden - 1975 I Am Colin 1-4?

The Secret Garden - 1975 I Am Colin 1-4 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

How did Mary and dickon get colin to go into secret garden?

Mary and Dickon convinced Colin to go into the secret garden by telling him stories about its beauty and magic. They emphasized that the garden was a place of healing and renewal, and Colin was curious to experience it for himself after hearing their descriptions. Through their encouragement and persuasion, Colin became willing to explore the garden with them.

Why is Colin ill in The Secret Garden?

He isn't really ill.

What was the little sick boys name in the book The Secret Garden?

The little boy's name in "The Secret Garden" is Colin Craven. He is the son of Archibald Craven and is initially portrayed as sickly and bedridden. Through the help of Mary Lennox and the magic of the secret garden, Colin experiences physical and emotional healing.

In The Secret Garden what is marys cousins name?

His name is Colin Craven.

Who are the five people that Mary likes from the secret garden?

Martha,Dickon,Colin,Ben WetherStaff and the Robin.

In The Secret Garden what is the name of the clergyman?

The clergyman in The Secret Garden is named Archibald Craven. He is the father of Colin and the employer of Mrs. Medlock and Martha.

In the book the secret garden what does robi. Compare Colin's walking to?

In "The Secret Garden," when talking with Colin, Dickon compares Colin's weak and hesitant attempts at walking to the slow, unsure gait of a newborn lamb. This comparison emphasizes Colin's physical fragility and lack of confidence in his own abilities.

What are the main events in The Secret Garden?

Originally published: 1911 Author: Frances Hodgson Burnett Mary being left at a bungalow as a baby Mary taken to England to live with her Uncle Mary meets Martha She meets Ben Weatherstaff and the robin The robin helps her find the key and the secret garden Meeting Dickon (Martha's brother) Meets her unknown cousin Colin She takes Colin to the secret garden Ben Weatherstaff finds Mary, Dickon and Colin in the secret garden Colin stands up for the first time in a long time Colins dad finds Colin in the secret garden with Mary and Dickon

In The Secret Garden what did Colin say to the servants to leave?

You may go as you please.