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Well Jack Torrence is told by Wendy to investigate the room. When Jack enters the room he sees a young woman in the bathtub. She slowly pulls the shower curtains away from her, gets out, and walks towards Jack. Jack smiles and walks towards her. They put their arms around each other and they both snog. But when Jack looks into the mirror he sees that she's really a deforming old hag. He backs out of the room scared as the old woman cackles. He backs out of the room, locks it, and then backs away from the door.

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In the book and movie "The Shining," Room 237 is a mysterious and haunted room at the Overlook Hotel. When Jack Torrance enters the room, he encounters a beautiful but sinister ghostly woman. The room is a central location for some of the most chilling and intense scenes in the story.

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Q: In The Shining what was in room 237?
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