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North Carolina - the Cape Hatteras lighthouse


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the tallest lighthouse in NC is Cape hatteras lighthouse

No, the Cape Hatteras lighthouse is not the oldest lighthouse anywhere, not in the state, not in the world, not in the country. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is, though, the tallest lighthouse in the United States. Actually, it is the tallest lighthouse in North America. It is one of the tallest brick lighthouses in the world, at 193 feet tall. If it is the oldest anything, it is the oldest lighthouse in the town of Buxton, being the only lighthouse in the town of Buxton.

No. Jeddah Light in Saudi Arabia is the tallest lighthouse in the world. It measures about 133 meters whereas North Head lighthouse only measures up to 20 meters.

Probably The Barra Lighthouse, in Aveiro, Portugal


The tallest lighthouse standing in the world is the Jeddah Light in Saudi Arabia. It is about 433 feet in height and is made out of concrete and steel.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse near Buxton North Carolina

It is believed that, not only was the lighthouse at Alexandria the tallest lighthouse in the world for its time, but no lighthouse constructed since then has equalled it in height.

No US State. The tallest building at 2,722 ft is in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

Japan... Yokohama Marine Tower

The Louisiana State Capitol (building) built in 1929, is still the tallest in the US at a height of 450 feet (34 stories). It was modeled on the contemporary Nebraska State Capitol, which is not as tall.

Sears Tower,Empire State Building and Bank of America Tower are the tallest buildings in United State.

That would be Illinois and the Willis Tower is the tallest building in the US not the world.

Illinois has the Sears Tower which is now called the Willis Tower. It is the second tallest in the US. The tallest in the US is the One World Trade Center in New York City.

The tallest lighthouse in the world is Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, but the highest up lighthouse is said to be in Mazatlan, Mexico, but the Lover's Leap lighthouse in Jamaica, the Chacachacare lighthouse in Trinidad, and the Moule a Chique lighthouse in St. Lucia are apparently higher up. The highest up lighthouse in the world is not known.

Cape Hatteras lighthouse is the tallest one in not only north carolina but the whole nation

The tallest is the Texas State Capitol building in Austin

The Louisiana State Capital is the tallest in terms of height. It was modeled after the Nebraska State Capital which was still under construction at the time, making it the second tallest State Capital building. All thanks to the then Governor of Louisiana, Huey Long.

The tallest State Capital building belongs to Louisiana at 450 feet. Santa Fe, New Mexico has sth highest elevation for a state Capital.

The La Lanterna lighthouse is in Genoa, Italy, but it is not the tallest/highest lighthouse in the world.

Alaska has the tallest mountain is the US, Mt. Mckinley

The tallest lighthouse in the world, according to World Lighthouse Society, is the 101 m or 331 ft Marine Tower in Yokohama, Japan. It is believed that the tallest lighthouse ever in history was the Pharos, or Lighthouse of Alexandria, which was said to be 140 m or 459 ft high. The highest lighthouse in the world is a different matter. According to the El Dorado County (California) Visitors Authority website: The lighthouse at Sugar Pine Point on Lake Tahoe is the highest lighthouse, in elevation, in the world. It is located between Tahoma and Meeks Bay and stands at an elevation of 6,229 ft, 1,898 m.

Mt McKinley, Alaska, is tallest of any state at 20,327 ft. Mt Whitney, California, is the tallest in the lower 48 at 14,505 ft

It is believed that, not only was the lighthouse at Alexandria the tallest lighthouse in the world for its time, but no lighthouse constructed since then has equalled it in height. It employed remarkable technology for the time, and stood for many centruies before being destroyed by a series of earthquakes.

The world's first known lighthouse, and the tallest, was built by the Egyptians somewhere around the year 279 or 283 BC. This was the famous Pharos, or lighthouse of Alexandria, which was situated on the eastern point of Pharos Island. Some believe that the Colossus of Rhodes was a lighthouse, but it was a war memorial, and never functioned as a lighthouse.

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