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In a brain teaser what ie knee lights?

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If the knee is above lights it is = Neon Lights

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Nicknames for the name Annie?

Ann ie a knee

Is the brain posterior to the spinal cord?

No,the brain lies superior(ie,on top) of the spinal cord.

Where can you get red and blue lights for a the grill of a car?

any lights on the front of a passenger vehicle ie not an emergency vehicle can only be amber of clear

How can you think?

Our brain has three parts the fore brain , mid brain and hind brain . In this the fore brain has , the cerebrum which is the center of intelligence ie your memory power , thinking power and more even it has special center for hunger .

How does hypnosis affect the brain?

It puts your brain into a state of mind that's more suggestable to things that are said (ie. "you no longer crave chocolate.")

What is brain storming and what its function?

Brain storming is a metaphor for thinking hard about a certain thing. (IE I was brainstorming of a way to make more money)

Why is your knee still so unstable and without strength six months after total knee replacement?

The commonest cause is usually a poorly balanced knee ie: poor surgical technique. other causes are nerve damage and lack of patient participation in physical therapy post operatively.

What does rear lamp failure mean?

Your Jeep is trying to let you know, before the ticket, that you need to replace some or all the light bulbs in the back end of the Jeep. ie, Tail lights, Back up lights, Lic. Plate lights, brake lights

What is the brain function of the spinal cord?

the spinal cord is used to send messages around the body from the brain ie use left hand and arm to wave etc...

Warning lights on Land Rover discovery?

There are many different ones on the dash. They are colour coded as follows: Green: Informative. ie. signal lights, trailer light. Yellow: soft warning lights. The vehicle can still be driven, but there is something that you should be informed of or possibly have checked. ie. service light. diff lock light. Red: serious warning lights. The vehicle should be shut down and parked. Have the matter attended to immediately to avoid damage or incidents. Have it checked by a professional. ie. low coolant, low brake fluid. Blue: Reserved for your high beams. This means your high beam lights are on. Turn them off for approaching vehicles. For specific warning lights, refer to your Owners' Manual, or post a description.

Is ben 10 coming on cinema?

As of October 2009 a Ben 10 teaser trailer is being shown on Cartoon network suggesting a cinematic release of a Ben 10 live action (ie not a cartoon) film.

What is the icd-9 code for anoxic brain injury?

348.1 Also, use E code to specify cause of brain damage. (ie) lack of oxygen, injury, etc.

What causes lights to randomly dull or brighten?

Fluxuations in the power. Or someone turning a large appliance on that draws current. Ie a refrigerator

Mercury poisoning and brain damage?

Mercury is highly poisonus, and it can cause all sorts of diseases ie: cancer, asthma...

What rhymes with trainer?

Insaner, saner.(No) Brainer, drainer, feigner, gainer, stainer.Or use "her" ie.brain her,stain herretain her

Does lobed mean round?

Lobe is a roundish projection or division, as of an organ (ie. earlobe, or the lobes of the brain, lungs and liver).

How do traffic lights know when to change?

Several answers But 1 interesting one .... They change via metal sensors buried in the road that detact when a car is above them. See the (usually) dark tarmac diamond shapes in the road. Once metal is detected (ie car). They then decide if they should change or not. IE due to prevailing conditions ie traffic crossing the intersection or the presence of pedestrian crossing lights giving each a priority in turn.

Knee pont voltage- briefly distinguish?

The knee point voltage of a CT is the voltage at the "knee" of a I-V characteristic (if you increase voltage, and plot this voltage with respect to the current flow, you will see a logorithmic type response). The knee is usually specified as 10% distortion (ie, the voltage is 10% less than you would expect relative to the current flow). beyond the knee point, the CT is considered in saturation. This applies to amplifiers / transistors as well as CTs. Transistors used as ampifiers are operated in the "linear region", or the region below the knee point of that particular transistors I-V characteristic.

How do you turn on fog lights in a 2002 Mercedes E320?

Have you tried pulling the round headlamps switch/knob out (ie. toward you), when the headlamps are switched on ?

Why will my Truck start but wont come out of park and none of the electronics ie windows lights work?

Check fuses (if stop lights are not working shift interlock will not release) Check fuse box for corrosion or loose fuses

Which area of the brain contains the medulla oblongata?

The Medulla oblongata is positioned below the cerebellum ie at the lower end of the head and at the neck junction. Is a very imp part of the brain as our respiratory centre is located in it.

What is the different lobes of the brain?

There are four main lobes: * The Frontal, * The Parietal * The Temporal and * The Occipital each are paired ie you have 2 of each.

What is the clothing for volleyball?

A shirt (long or short sleeved), shorts (generally a spandex or lycra short for intense players), Knee pads (if you want), good court shoes, socks, and other supports if needed (ie/ankle braces, knee braces, tape, elbow braces, etc.)

What is lewy dementia?

lewy is different parts of the brain which may have been affected. ie... the memory part, or speech part or co-ordination part, sum times only parts of the brain is affected in dementia,not all but sadly in many cases it is all of the brain

How do you reset the indicator lights on your 2001 Isuzu Rodeo ie abs brake and check engine lights?

abs codes are retreved by juming obd2 terminal 4-12 after codes plump brake petal 6 times