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secondary consumers.

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Q: In a food web consisting of grass grasshoppers sparr ows and hawks the sparrows are?
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What are predators of sparrows?

hawks and other animals

A food web in a New England forest?

your "question" is not a question to begin with. anyways, grass produces food. the grass is eaten by grasshoppers, mice and rabbits. grasshoppers are eaten by mice and toads. mice are eaten by snakes, hawks and owls. rabbits are eaten by foxes and coyotes. foxes are eaten by coyotes. snakes are also eaten hawks.

What is an example of a 5-linked food chain from grasshopper to hawk?

Grass>Grasshopper>Frog>Snake>Hawk The grasshoppers eat the grasses, the frogs eat the grasshoppers, the snakes eat the frogs and the hawks eat the snakes.

What eat grasshoppers?

mice, hawks, & snakes

Are hawks and sparrows a like?

Alike only in that they are both wild birds.

Do hawks eat cardinals?

Yes, sometimes hawks are known to eat cardinals

Will hawks eat sparrows?

Accipiter hawks like the European sparrow hawk and the sharp shinned and Cooper's hawks of North America do, as does the falcon known as the kestrel.

What is the sparrow hawks prey?

The sparrow hawk, also known as the American Kestrel Falcon, (it's a falcon) has predators consisting of great-horned owls, red-tailed hawks, and other bigger birds, even crows and ravens. Some land mammals have been known to attack falcons, such as raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, and more.

Do hawks grass?

no they hate it...

What carnivore eats eats herbivores?

lions eat zebras, Spiders eat grasshoppers, hawks eat rabbits, ect.

What is a snails food chain?

Sun-clover-snail-sparrow-hawkThe sun gives the clover food. Snails eat clovers. Sparrows eat snails. Hawks eat sparrows.

What the sparrow eat?

Dead house sparrows may be eaten by hawks or vultures. There young may be consumed by raccoons.