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usually general, parental info, where you live, what school you attend, etc. and some schools may ask you academic questions (i.e., creative pursuits, awards, scholarships, etc.)

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Q: In a high school application what do you put in it?
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What do i put for major studies in high school on a job application?

That's intended for college I always put HSD or varied since there really is no major in HS

On a resume application do you put collage first or high school?

Typically, education is at the bottom of the resume. High School info isn't expected on a resume, just make sure you spell the word College, correctly ;)

What information do you put in 'other info' part of a boarding high school application?

Write about other accomplishments or achievements you did not write anywhere else.

Do you need to fill up an application to get into a high school?


I graduated from college but not high school and I am 37 will my future employer check the high school I always list that I graduated high school?

Never ever put something that is not true on your application. You could lose your job. I have been asked for my high school diploma even though I have a masters. It all depends what job you are applying for. However you obtained the high school education you needed to get into college is what you need to show.

What do you put on applacation if it asks your study in high school?

Put general education or college prep. By the way make sure you spell everything correctly. You misspelled "application" in your question and a manager reading your application will think less of you if you can't spell or fill it out correctly.

How do you get into Hamilton high school if you play the French horn?

you just apply for the school don't fail high school and mention that you play an instrument on your application

How to handle a person faking their high school diploma in a job application?

In the situation where someone faked their high school diploma in a job application, you should confront them. If you employed them then later discovered that they faked the high school diploma, but do not wish to fire them, you should speak them them anyway.

Should you use your GED transcript or High School transcript for your college application?

high school diploma will always look better.

Why would you a application letter?

When you are applying for a job or a high school or college

What do you put for curriculum on a application if you only have a high school diploma?

If you took any courses that are relevant to the job then you should note those such as accounting, calculus, languages, etc.

An application to aspire library perfect in secondary school?

Yes, I want to be a library prefect in my senior high school. And I want perfect application letter for this position.