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In a small accident where both drivers agree that there is no damage so it is not reported but information is exchange can one driver decided he wants to be paid?

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2011-09-12 22:57:37

"bender_the_other_way" id="bender_the_other_way">bender the other


it depends. if you happen to take pictures of each other's

vehicle's that would be your proof if someday the other tries to

come back and ask for payment. it is not so much that you both

agree verbally that there was no damage, the other driver might

change their minds and want a new paint job and report the "minor"

accident and make you look like bad to their insurance company.

Always make sure you take pictures of any fender bender and take

down alot of information. you never know now a days with people,

they can be nice one minute, and waiting to back stab you the next.

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