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Usually it's the principal Oboe. In case of a piano concerto, the orchestra will tune to the piano.

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Q: In an orchestra who is responsible for tuning?
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Is the oboe in the orchestra?

Yes, oboe is responsible for tuning the orchestra.

What is the bassoon's tuning note?

an A 440Hz, in an orchestra given by an oboe

what instrument does play tuning note in an orchestra?

It depends on the orchestra. In the U.S. in symphony orchestras, it's normally the oboe.

Why is A the note for tuning up an orchestra and not C?

The Violin, Viola, Cello, and Bass all have "A" strings, so picking the note "A" as the tuning note allows all of the string instruments in the orchestra to have a common reference point. The violin and bass do not have a "C" string.

What is the word for tuning up an orchestra?

I believe there is no word for it, they just tune up. Usually the first chair first violinist, the concert master, will come onto the stage after the orchestra is already seated and the concert master will play an A usually and then the orchestra will tune.

The part of the eye responsible for fine-tuning the refraction of incoming light is the?

The lens.

Which instrument does a orchestra tune too?

A standard symphony orchestra can tune to three different members: the principal oboe, the concertmaster, or the solo pianist. The oboist is used to tune whenever there is an oboe in the orchestra, the concertmaster is used whenever there isn't an oboe, and the pianist/keyboardist will play the tuning note if he or she is the soloist for the evening.

What Tuning pitch in orchestra?

Currently in America it is set at A=440, however, some European orchestra like to go a little higher anywhere from 442-5 but in music history A has ranged anywhere from 425-460 if not a wider range of variance

What is the oboe used for in an orchestra?

The most interesting role the oboe has in an orchestra is tuning. The oboe is the hardest instrument to tune and with it's piercing sound, it's ideal to tune to rest of the orchestra. The oboe often plays a solo role, it's capable of playing softly and sweetly on one hand, and on the other it can be piercing and harsh.

Who was the first man that first organized an orchestra in the bible?

King David decided that the men of the tribe of Levi should be responsible for the music of the divine services: therefore, they were an "orchestra".

What is the instrument normally chosen to sound the tuning note in the orchestra?

Orchestras are usually tuned to an oboe. The open note, (that is, the note an oboe plays without any fingering), is an A, and the orchestra tunes best to that note. When a piano is featured as solo instrument, the orchestra tunes to the A of the piano, because it's easier for them to adjust their pitch than for the piano.

How do you spell tuning?


What does the concert master do in an orchestra?

Basically he tunes the orchestra to concert pitch.Another answerThe concert master, or leader, is the principal first violinist. In addition to playing the violin, she or he makes decisions on behalf of the full orchestra on stage. For example, she indicates to the principal oboist when to sound the note to which the orchestra tunes up, and oversees the tuning-up process. He decides when the orchestra should stand up to acknowledge applause, when to sit down, and when to leave the stage. She accepts the thanks expressed by the conductor to the orchestra, and ensures that all members are included in those thanks. In short, he represents the orchestra in circumstances where it is impractical for individual players to represent themselves.

In what tuning is one by metallica?

Normally standard tuning E tuning E low

What is a sentence for the word cacophonous?

Even the finest orchestra makes a cacophonous racket when they're tuning their instruments in unison.Cacophonous is an adjective which means a harsh, discordant mixture or sounds, unpleasant to listen to.

What is first chair in orchestra?

"First chair" is a term used in orchestras to designate the principal performer in each of its sections; that is, the principal performer for violas, cellos, oboes, etc. Violins, on the other hand, do no have a first chair - they have the concertmaster, who has special duties in the course of an orchestral performance. Where a first chair is responsible for tuning his/her section, the concertmaster is responsible for tuning the entire orchestra. The first chair for string sections, where two people share a single music stand, does not turn the pages of a music sheet. This duty belongs to the person sitting next to them (sometimes called the "inside" chair). To be a first chair, one must exhibit exceptional skill with their instrument and be a leader to the others in their section. This person will perform the solo parts written for his/her instrument; a first cello (or first cellist), for example, will play the special cello parts unless a special guest soloist is in attendance.

What kind of tuning system did musicians during the baroque period?

The instruments were tuned to the Oboe which could keep the tune up and not like the string instruments which got out of tune. Remember the Baroque orchestra did not have standardization.

What tuning is radio 1 in London?

the tuning is 98.7.

What is the guitar tuning for TNT by ACDC?

Standard tuning.

What is a tuning fork and how is it used?

A tuning fork is used for tuning instruments. You take the tuning fork, hit it against something and it will give a certain note, depending on the fork. You then tune the instrument using the tuning fork's note as reference.

What is the famous orchestra in the Philippines?

ABS-CBN Philharmonic OrchestraManila Symphony OrchestraManila Philharmonic OrchestraPhilippine Philharmonic OrchestraSan Miguel Philharmonic OrchestraUST Symphony Orchestra[citation needed]DLSU Pops OrchestraDLSZ Symphony OrchestraVisayas Symphony Orchestra

What tuning does Five Finger Death Punch use?

The guitar tuning they use in their songs is standard B tuning.

How was sound frequency measured in pre-modern times?

Standards of musical pitch were vague at best before the advent of electronic equipment. Tuning forks were made and transported to various locations to form a basis for frequency standards but an orchestra in Vienna in the 1700's probably did not have the same definition of the note A that an orchestra in London did.

Is a zither used in an orchestra?

It depends on the orchestra. Symphony orchestra- no. Ethnic orchestra- might be.

What orchestra is the biggest orchestra?

The biggest orchestra is the syphony