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20+the number of pins knocked down on the next throw after the double.


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If you can knock all the pins down with one ball, that is a strike.

Three consecutive strikes in bowling scores 30 points in the frame that the first strike occurred. A score for a strike is 10 plus the next two balls thrown. If a strike is followed by a strike and then an 8 on the first ball of the third frame then the first strike is worth just 28 points.

you get 11 strike then knok 2 pins down.

In tenpin bowling, a 300 is the highest game score and 900 is the highest 3 game series bowled.

The highest score in ten pin bowling is 300. You get 30 points each frame. I hope that helps. (Thats just strike after strike) YEA ITS 300

30 pins is the maximum that can be scored in one frame of bowling. In the first 9 frames, this requires a strike followed by two more strikes.

Scoring is done as normal, however if 9 pins or all pins are knocked down with the first ball, the score is considered a strike for scoring purposes.

A turkey is 3 strikes in a row. You can only get a strike on the first ball of the frame. If you knock down all the pins on the 2nd ball of a frame it is a spare not a strike.

10 plus the value of the next two throws.

In all games that I am aware: tenpin, duckpin, and candle stick, a perfect score is 300. The only exceptiont that I am aware of is five pin bowling. The perfect score is 450. You get 15 pins for a strike.

Do you mean "strike"? A strike is worth 10 pins plus the pins on the next two deliveries. So, if a bowler gets a strike in the first frame we can't assign a score until he bowls again. If he gets a spare in the second frame (i.e., 10 pins on two balls), then he would get a score of 20 back in the first.

Worst possible score is 0, you gutter every single bowl. Best you can get is 300 which is really hard because you have to knock down all the pins on the first bowl (a strike). You have to get all strikes.

190If you throw a spare in the first frame (doesn't matter the count of the first ball) then throw 9 spare for the rest of the game in each frame with a 9 on your final ball in the 10th your score would be 190. The highest score without throwing a strike.

In standard tenpin bowling, a 300 is a perfect score.

Yes. The maximum score in tenpin bowling is 300. One way to bowl a 242: 1st frame - strike 2nd frame - strike 3rd frame - seven on the first ball and a spare on the second ball 4th frame - strike 5th frame - strike 6th frame - seven on the first ball and a spare on the second ball 7th frame - strike 8th frame - strike 9th frame - strike 10th frame - strike on the first ball, eight on the second ball, spare on the third ball X----X----7/----X----X----7/-----X-----X-----X-----X8/ 27...47...67....94..114..134...164..194..222...242

the perfect score in bowling is 300 which is all strikesThis guy named John Bates is 84 and got a perfect score on Wii bowling 2,850 times!what is I do to reach perfect score in bowling? If I practice practice practice very hard and carefully for my bowling game then I might reach perfect score in bowling game.

Polly Umrigar was the first Indian to score a double century in Tests. Sachin Tendulkar was the first Indian to score a double century in ODI.

It is quite difficult to bowl a perfect score especially if it is the first time one goes bowling. One could get a perfect score by practicing often or by luck.

A strike gives you ten points and the score of the next two balls. So at a minimum it will give you ten points and best case thirty points.

"No-tap" bowling is a fun tournament format where hitting a set number of pins with your first ball counts as a strike. Nine-no-tap is the most common - if you hit nine pins, you score a strike. You can also do a no-tap game where every bowler has a different no-tap count - maybe you have a parent-child bowling tournament where the parents are throwing nine no-tap and the kids seven or eight no-tap.

100 is the worst televised bowling score ever recorded.

The score of a perfect pin bowling game is 450.

A strike is worth 10 + your next two rolls., A spare is 10 + your next 0ne roll. So if in the first frame you Roll a strike, then next frame you get 8 pinns on the first roll, and only 1 on the second. You have score 10 + 8+ 1=19. You would have 19 in the first frame and a total of 28 in the second.

it depents what type of bowling you are doing in Canadian there is 5 pin bowling which the high score in that is 450 but in 10 pin bowling the high is 300

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