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The term "like dissolves like" means that if the solvent/solute molecules are structurally similar, then the substance will dissolve in the solvent.

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Q: In chemistry what does like dissolves like?
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Who first discovered the chemistry principle that like dissolves like?

The one that discovered Chemistry is Democritus.

What is like dissolves like?

The chemistry principal of "like dissolves like," explains that polar substances will dissolve in each other. Similarly, a covalent will dissolve another covalent.

What is 'like dissolves like'?

The chemistry principal of "like dissolves like," explains that polar substances will dissolve in each other. Similarly, a covalent will dissolve another covalent.

What does solute mean in chemistry?

Solute is a substance which dissolves like sugar and sand.

What is soluble in chemistry?

if it dissolves in water

How would you define solute in chemistry?

Solute in chemistry means the substance that dissolves in a solution.

What types of compound dissolve in a polar solvent?

polar compounds dissolve in polar solvents as there is a rule in chemistry:- like dissolves like..

In chemistry what does 'like dissolves like' mean?

"like dissolves like" is an expression used by chemists to remember how some solvents work. It refers to "polar" and "nonpolar" solvents and solutes. Basic example: Water is polar. Oil is non-polar. Water will not dissolve oil. Water is polar. Salt (NaCl) is also polar. Like dissolves like, so polar dissolves polar, so water dissolves salt.

A word meaning how much of a solid dissolves in liquid?


What is mean by the phrase like dissolves like?

it means that polar dissolves polar and nonpolar dissolves nonpolar

Do polar liquids only mix with polar liquids?

In chemistry, the saying goes, "like dissolves like" with respect to polarities. Water, which is polar will mix/dissolve any polar substance. Salt (NaCl) is polar, and therefore it dissolves. All lipids (wax, oil, fat) are non-polar and do not mix with water.

Is dissolves physical or chemical?

Chemical, if it dissolves in a solution such is acid. Physical if one mean dissolves like disintegrates.

What dissolves particles?

That depends entirely on what the "particles" are made of.In atomic science particle is the general term given to quantum objects. In the context of solution chemistry particles are ions, atoms or molecules. The general rule is that like dissolves like. This means non polar solvents dissolve non-polar particles. Example: petroleum dissolves oil. Polar solvents dissolve ionic or polar particles. Example: Water dissolves sodium chloride and sugar. One is ionic the other is polar.

Why solute can dissolve solvent?

It is the other way around. The solvent dissolves the solute. A polar solvent, like water, dissolves other polar substances and many ionic substances. A nonpolar solvent dissolves other nonpolar substances. Basically, like dissolves like.

What is the purpose of knowing if salt dissolves better in water than baking soda?

solubility it important to understanding chemistry

Is table salt polar or non polar?

Salt is polar. It dissolves in water (also polar). Like dissolves like.

Why polar compounds dissolves in polar solvents and that of non-polar in non-polar?

like dissolves like

What is the Golden Rule of Solubility?

Like Dissolves Like .

Like dissolves like?

Like dissolves like means that polar solutions dissolve polar substances and non polar solutions dissolve non polar substances.

How is the phrase like dissolves like related to solubility?

How is the phrase like dissolves like related to solubility?Read more: How_is_the_phrase_like_dissolves_like_related_to_solubility

What is the chemistry behind the melting of ice when salt is added to it?

The salt dissolves into the liquid water in the ice and lowers its freezing point.

What types of solutes can water dissolve if it is polar?

Like dissolves like; therefore, since water is polar, it dissolves polar solvents.

What dissolves in methanol?

Sodium acetate dissolves in large number of organic compounds like methanol

What does the science term called like dissolves like mean?

"Like Dissolves Like" is a concept in chemistry discribing hydrophobic (nonpolar) and hydrophilic (polar) interactions. Polar molecules, in order to reduce unfavorable interactions that require free energy to compensate for, tend to associate with other polar molecules. Non-polar molecules, likewise, associate with other nonpolar molecules. The terms hydrophobic and hydrophilic are used to describe a molecules tendency to associate with water. Polar molecules, using the "like dissolves like" concept associate with water, while nonpolar molecules tend to reduce interactions with water.

What increases the rate at which a solid dissolves?

well, im no scientist im only 15 and this is my homework but im in honors chemistry so here=crushing the solid increases the rate at which a solid dissolves ur welcome:)