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Velocity is equal to distance divided by time.

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Is distance directly proportional to velocity?

Distance Traveled is directly proportional to velocity. This is because velocity is the change in position over a period of time. The greater the velocity, the greater the distance traveled. For you calculus junkies, integrate velocity to get displacement.

Definition of average velocity?

Average velocity is the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance. Average velocity is also called "velocity".

Why is velocity-displacement divided by time?

velocity means the distance traveled in certain time and in a certain direction. Therefore: velocity is the result of dividing the traveled distance by time taken, and adding a direction to it.

Distance traveled per unit of time?

That's 'speed'.(Not 'velocity'.)

If you know the distance traveled and the time traveled can YOU determine an object and ACCELERATION?

no, you need to know its initial velocity to determine this; if initial velocity is zero then distance is 1/2 acceleration x time squared

What is the Distance traveled divided by the time needed to travel that distance?

Speed Average speed- the total distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance Velocity is also the distance or displacement divided by the time

Distance traveled per time unit?

That quantity is called "speed". (not 'velocity')

What is the distance traveled per unit of time?

That quantity is called "speed". (not 'velocity')

What is distance traveled in a given amount of time?

A speed. If the direction is relevant, a velocity.

What is the relationship among distance time and velocity?

Velocity is equal to the distance traveled, divided by the amount of time to travel such distance. In other words, 50 miles per hour may represent a distance of 50 miles traveled in on hour, or 50 miles being the distance and 1 hour being the time, denoting a velocity of 50 miles per hour (50mph.)

What do you need in order to know an objects velocity?

You need to know the distance traveled and the time it took to travel that distance.

Distance traveled divided by the time taken?

The quotient is the quantity known as "speed". (NOT velocity.)

How do you find velocity time in physics and what does it tell you?

Velocity is defined as distance traveled (directed distance, to be precise), divided by time. Informally, it tells you how fast something goes.

Formula for velocity of a bullet?

same as calculating every other velocity, distance traveled from starting point divided by the time it took to get there.

1 To describe velocity you need to know?

duration, distance traveled, and direction gone towards.

How do you find velocity?

You divide the distance by time. For example: 500 feet traveled in 2 seconds = 250 feet per second OR velocity

The total distance an object travels divided by the time of travel?

Velocity Average speed= distance traveled/total time of travel

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