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Q: In excel to enter a number as text start the entry with a?
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What do you start the entry with to enter a number as text?


How do you do multiplication in Excel?

Start the formula in any cell with the = sign. Then use the * symbol for the multiplication sign. For example, if you want 4 times 3, you will enter =4*3 in a cell in excel. If you want to multiply a number already in another cell, just enter that cell number instead of the actual number.

The feature in excel will complete text entries as you start to type a new entry in a cell?

It is called Autocomplete.

What gets questions to answer in excel?

The enter button. After putting = at the start eg =2*4 Enter The cell will say 8

What do you place to the left of an equals to get text in Microsoft Excel?

Start your entry with an apostrophe (') to indicate the cell contents is text.

What symbol must you enter first in Excel to start a formula?

The equal sign "=" i.e. =SUM(A1:A3)

What are the uses of enter keys?

to accept something or in word to start new paragraph.when you press enter in excel you will accept what is inside cell and switch to bottom cell by default

What does Ready Cell mean in Microsoft Excel?

If you see Ready on the status bar, it means Excel is ready for you to start typing something into the active cell. Once you start typing, you will see Enter there, or if you edit a cell you will see Edit there.

How do you enter a series of numerical digits into a cell so that they are treated as text?

Start the entry with an apostrophe or format the cell as text.

Is plus a symbol for a mathematical operation in Excel?

Yes. You can use plus in a formula. A plus can even be used to start a formula, although Excel will automatically insert an equals sign in before the formula after you enter it.

Is there a cheat menu on Spider-Man 2 playstation 2?

Not specifically, but you can enter cheats at the name entry, when you start a new game.

How do you search for a specific value in Excel?

Press Ctrl-F to start the Find facility. Then you can enter in what it is you want to search the worksheet for. You can use the FIND or SEARCH functions in Excel to search for something within an individual cell.

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