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In family Ski and Snowboard where are secret courses?


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There is a Yeti Course in Ride the Mountain:

1. Go to Giants Realm

2.Keep on going down, and you will see 2 Big Black holes. ( If you don't see them you obviously have missed them)

3. The 1st one is a hole which you fall down, so go round it or jump over it but the 2nd one fall down because then you should be in a cave-like place.

4. You have just got to the Yeti Course!!!

In Enjoy the Resort :

Go to Winding Viper and at some point you should pass a lot of trees.

Where that Starts turn Right and you should be in a short cut. ( It isn't really a Course, But its a short cut) If you take this Short cut you won't be able to go to Falcons Wing or the Buffalo Course