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Olympics Alpine Skiing

Where was skiing invented?

The earliest archaeological examples of skis were found in Russia and date to 6000 BCE. Although modern skiing has evolved from beginnings in Scandinavia,


Who was the best skier of all time?

Ingemar Stenmark from Sweden who won 86 world cup competitions and several olympic golds.

For more skiers see "What are some famous skiers names?"


Where are Scott skis made?

I believe they are made in Switzerland in the Fischer factory.


Which skiing mountains are low altitude?

Whistler in Canada.

Olympics Alpine Skiing

Name the Section of an alpine skiing slalom?



What is the best ski and pole carrier?

The Bowtie Ski and Pole carrier is getting many great reviews on the Amazon site. It is a very simple ski carrier / sling. It uses hook and loop and elastic and nylon webbing in a unique way that makes it easy to put on, makes it work well for what folks want in a ski carrier. It is really different than any other ski carrier.

I have several and can say that it goes on easily, holds skis and poles snug and the handle strap adjusts so it works as a hand, shoulder or back sling carrier. After all that it folds up to be easily pocketed. It does exactly what most of us want a ski carrier to do.

Check out the reviews on Amazon or go to the home page and watch the short video clip and see what you think. It looks like it lives up to the slogan of being "Simply the finest" Ski and Pole Carrier / Sling

Search for Bowtie Ski video or search for the Bowtie Products home page for more info.


How old is the oldest pair of skis?

The oldest pair of skis were found in Hoting, Sweden and are estaimated to be about 5,000 years old by carbon dating.


When is the best time to buy ski equipment?

Best to buy when the season ends.


Is Arctix a good brand for ski pants?

Personally I have never heard of them, but I looked at a few of there pants online and i looks like they only have about 3k waterproofness which is not very much at all for being in snow, especially for pants you will want something 10k or more. I would recommend like North face Oakley, Flylow, Etc. The best you can get is pants made with Gortex, the waterproofness is 25K+.


How many gates in a snow ski slalom course?


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Can you ski in Australia?

Yes you can, the largest area is Perisher blue with 50 lifts.


What are Din ratings for ski?

In skiing the DIN is the rating that tells you how easily your skis will release in a fall. If the DIN is too low your skis can come off as easily as you gettingair (this happened to me). If it is too high they will not come off even if you are rolling, spinning or even somersaulting down the hill (this also happened to me). The DIN depends on how fast you go, your skier type (how good you are), your height and your weight. I am a type three skier( I ski fast and aggressively in other words I'm good) I ski very fast, am 5' 4" and weigh about 145 pounds and my DIN is 6.5. The best racers in the world can have a DIN of 24 but a small child can have a DIN of just 2 or 3.

Olympics Alpine Skiing

Who is best alpine skier?

There is six sections, every section has own scoring system. First section is overall ranking, second section is individual discipline ranking, third section is Olympic games, fourth section is world championship, fifth section is World Cup wins, sixth section is World Cup podiums. When you calculate that than you must divide with number of season. This is list of best alpine skiers:

1.Pirmin Zurbriggen

2.Benjamin Raich

3.Marc Girardelli

4.Kjetil Andre Aamodt

5.Hermann Maier

6.Ingemar Stenmark

7.Bode Miller

8.Gustavo Thoeni

9.Alberto Tomba

10.Lasse Kjus

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Are scratches on the bottom of skis bad?

not really, they usually just happen because of everyday wear and tear, unless they are really deep i wouldn't worry about them, hope this helps!! x x


How old are rossignol challenger skis?

My sister had some Rossignol Challenger skis (150cm) back in 1977-78. Not sure if they updated them since then.


What events are there in downhill skiing?

Downhill skiing consists of four main events which include Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom, and Downhill. The different between these events is the placement of the gates. You also wear different gear and use different length skis for each event. Slalom - This event is when the ski gates are the closest together. Ski racers quickly navigate through the ski course. The ski gates "breakaway" as the ski racer hits them with their shin and/or arm as they ski by them. The reason ski racers hit the ski gates is to try to ski the straightest line possible down the ski slope. The straighter the line, the faster you go and the faster your run time. Ski racers bring the tip of their ski close to the ski gate and sometimes catch their ski tip and spin out. Ski racers were shin, arm, and hand guards plus a protective helmet. Giant Slalom has the gates farther apart then slalom. Ski racers do not hit the gates like they do in slalom. Therefore, they tend to wear less guards. However, a helmet is still required. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill, in addition to Slalom and Giant Slalom, are usually done in professional ski racing or at Junior Olympic ski races for aspiring professional ski racers. The length of skis varies from year to year. Typically, though, slalom requires a much shorter ski then giant slalom. Super Giant Slalom and the Downhill require longer skis. Ski racers usually wear skin tight "GS" suits in a range of wild colors. I know because I used to compete in downhill ski racing.


Can i ski from chamonix to val d'isere?

I guess that would be possible, at least in theory.

Take the lift to Aiguille Du Midi and ski down on the back side to Courmayeur. That's a yellow piste i.e. a commonly used off-piste trail. Go to the top of the Courmayeur system and ski down to La Thuile. Use the Espace San Bernando system to go to La Rosière. Ski down to Viclaire and then climb to Villaroger which is part of Paradiski. Go to the top of the Grand Col lift, do a bit of climbing and then ski down to Les Brévières. Use the Espace Killy system to get to Val d' Isere.

If this is actually possible in real life I don´t know because of the risk of avalanches and that you will be passing through the Vanoise national park where I doubt skiing is allowed.

However, there are organised trips taking the "Haute Route" from Chamonix to Zermatt. That takes a week and does not include the use of lifts except to get to the start point.

Remember to never go off-piste without a licensed mountain guide!


Should new skis get waxed before use?

It depends. Some manufacturers ship their skis ready to ski (many boutique manufacturers, like PMGear) , most do not (typically the big guys, especially on lower-mid range skis). Factory wax is usually nothing more than storage wax.

However, wax is relatively unimportant to how a ski performs. What is more important is base flattness and edge bevel/sharpness. Unfortunately most new skis do not ship with a flat base. Check new skis with a true bar or just accept that in all likelihood the skis shipped with a concave base and have them stone ground by a good shop.

Edges are usually relatively sharp, but the bevel may not be best suited for you (1/3 is a common and typically effective bevel).

Stone grinding and setting the correct bevel should be done to all new skis (excluding ones that actually come ready to ski, many companies say there, this is simply not true).

After stone grinding, new skis will need wax. A coat or two of all temp or cold temp wax should be sufficient.

If you are looking for maximum speed from a new ski, the base should be waxed, scraped and brushed at least 30 times before use. Start with a softer warm weather wax (first few times) and then move to a harder cold weather wax. Hot boxxing is another, quicker alternative to lengthy multi wax cycles.


Can you ski on turf?

Yes, it is possible to ski on turf with standard ski equipment. In fact, there are multiple turf ski areas open in the United States which allow you to ski year round. To ski on turf the turf must be wet or lubricated with a liquid such as dish soap. Although turf is often not as fast as snow, it simulates skiing on snow quite well.


Yes! As it defines, a short ski with rollers on the bottom that can be used to ski down a grassy slop.

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Difference between ski goggles and mountain bike goggles?

The difference is the purpose they are used for. Ski goggles are obviously used for skiing while mountain bike goggles are used for cycling. Ski goggles have features and technology to withstand extreme wind, snow, and sun reflection during skiing while mountain bike goggles are not made for extreme situations such as strong wind, snow, and sun reflection in skiing.

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How do you get sharpie writing off ski's without damaging them?

You need to scrub and scrub ... Maybe use some goof off or other special material


What equipment do skiers use?

Skis, usually coupled with a binding system (example: K2)

Boots (example: Tecnica)

Gloves/Mittens (example: Spyder)

Poles (many manufacturers)

Outerwear (example: Helly Hansen)

Goggles (example: Oakley)

Wax (example: Whacks Wax)

Hand warmers, hats, and other accessories may be used too.


Who are some Canadian female skiers?

Britt Janyk, Jennifer Heil, Kelly Vanderbeek, Marie-Michelle Gagnon

Brigitte Acton- competed at the 2006 Winter Games, where she finished 11th in the giant slalom, 17th in the slalom, and 10th in the combined.

Andrea Bédard- competed in the 1984 Winter Olympics.

Allison Forsyth- competed in the 2002 Winter Olympics

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Should you wear a jockstrap for skiing?

never thought of that , it must be comfortable . try it


Who is the best female Olympic Skier?

Janica Kostelic from Croatia is the best female skier of all time. She has 6 Olympic Medals. 4 Gold Medals and 2 Silver Medals in only 2 Olympic Games.


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