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Q: In frankenstien did Only one of Mary and children lived past childhood.?
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What did mary shelly write?


How many children did John Wilkes Booth's mother - Mary Ann Holmes - have and how many died in childhood?

They had 10 children, 6 of whom lived to adulthood.

What was Mary mcleod bethune childhood?

mary's childhood was a childhood of 17 children and she was #15 they grew up as being slaves

What was Mary andersons childhood like?

she lived with her 7 sibblings and she became a teacher

What book titles did Mary Shelley write?

Mary Shelley wrote lots of fantastic novals but the main one is Frankenstien also known as the Modern Prometheus! This is more of an adult book as there are old big words in but for children you can find cover stories on the internet!

Did Mary the 1st have any children?

It really depends on which Mary you are asking about. Mary the daughter of Henry VIII did not have any children at all but Henry VIII's sister had a daughter called Frances whose daughter Lady Jane Grey tried to become Queen after Henry VIII's son died (Edward) but was deposed by Mary the daughter who became Mary I.

What was Mary kay's childhood like?

She was a very creative girl. She lived with only her mother. She looked up to her mom, that's where she got the beauty from.

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How many children does Mary wolstonecraft have?

None that are still alive.She lived about 200 years ago.

What is Jacques cartier children?

Jacques had no kids with Mary des Granches (his wife).

Who inventied frankenstien?

Mary Shelley came up with the idea when a group of her friends decided to make horror stories but Mary was so interested in the idea that she eventually made a whole novel about it.

Who wrote the preface to Frankenstein?

Mary Shelley wrote the classic story Frankenstien xx