In geology definition of plates

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Look in the link below

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Q: In geology definition of plates
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What is the definition of plat yecyonics?

If you mean 'plate tectonics', that is the geology of the earth's covering plates and how they move.

What is the dictionary definition of geologist?

The dictionary definition of geologist is a specialist in geology

What are convection currents in geology?

They are the means by which plates of the lithoshpere move.

How is a mountain formed by colliding continental plates?

In theory, tectonic plates.

What is the definition of geology rich mean?

it means "Has lots of earth in it"

What is a rift in geology?

A rift forms between two tectonic plates that are pulling apart.

What is the geological definition of pinch out?

The geological definition of pinch out is thinning or shortening out. This can be used in reference to structural geology.

What four features of California geology does plates tectonics?

The movements of the pacific and north American plates produced California's major geological features

What is the definition of sliding plates?

to move away

Name three tectonic plates that affect California's geology?

The three tectonic plates that affect California's geology are the North American plate, the Pacific plate and the Gorda plate (which is sometimes referred to as the souther portion of the Juan de Fuca plate).

What is the definition cretaceous?

Containing chalk, - or in geology, the last period of the Mesozoic Era.

What is the Definition of colliding plates?

when plates collide. They push each other up and create mountains.

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