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Yes, it was, after he remodeled it after his old insecure one's defenses were penetrated by both a skunk and a porcupine. The old one didn't even have a door! He remodeled it later, made the wood strips into a tight mesh, and he could not fit his fist through anywhere in the shelter. He also wove a door very fine, and after that no more small animals got into his shelter, though Brian does recall that a bear could get into it by tearing it apart, though one never did in his time on the island. So: Old one: insecure, New one: secure.

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Yes, Brian's shelter in "Hatchet" was not very secure at the beginning. He initially built a shelter under an overhang of rock and relied on a fire for warmth, but later he improved it by adding more branches and leaves for insulation.

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Q: In hatchet was Brian's shelter secure?
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In Hatchet why did skunk come into Brian's shelter?

the skunk went into brians shelter is because the skunk smelt brians food

In hatchet what are brians problems list all?

he needs shelter fire n food

What was brians shelter made out of in hatchet?

Brian's shelter in "Hatchet" was made out of a lean-to structure using branches, rocks, and his windbreaker for cover. He used natural materials he found in the woods to create a temporary and basic shelter to protect himself from the elements.

What does brians shelter look like hatchet?

The is a certain cover that showers and illustration of him on the book. He has brown hair and a white shirt on.

What were brians mistake in the hatchet?

he threw sand at a skunk

Who is brians teacher in the book hatchet?

Mr. Perpich

What was brians eye color in hatchet?

Brian's eye color is not specified in the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.

What was brians first meal?

(In hatchet please answer this it would mean A LOT!!)

Where does brians mom live in the book Hatchet?

Brian's mom lives in Hampton, New York.

What is brians parents names?

The names of Brian's parents are not provided in the book "Hatchet" by Gary Paulsen.

When did Gary paulsen wright the book Brians winter?

to make money as if brian had not been saved in the book hatchet

What did Brian use his shoe lases for in the story hatchet?

In the story "Hatchet," Brian uses his shoelaces to make a fishing line to catch fish for food. He also uses them to secure his shelter and repair his clothes.