In Japanese, how do you say 'snow'?

Updated: 10/25/2022
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Douglas Powlowski

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The word "yuki" is the Japanese word for snow.

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Q: In Japanese, how do you say 'snow'?
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How do you say snow ball in Japanese?


How do you say snow owl in Japanese?


How do you say 'Snow White' in Japanese?

'Snow White' is known as白雪姫 (shirayuki-hime) in Japan. This literally means 'white snow princess'. To say 'snow white' as in 'white as snow' in Japanese, one would say真っ白 (masshiro).

How do you say snow fox in Japanese?

雪狐 Yuki kitsune

How do you say snow panther in Japanese?

The phrase 'snow panther' would be expressed as 雪のパンサー (yuki no pansaa) in Japanese.

How do you say dark snow in Japanese?

yami no yuki.

How do you say snowday in Japanese?

降雪日 (kousetsu bi) means "Snow Day".

Snow-wolf in Japanese?

You may say 'yuki no ookami,' written: 雪乃狼

How do you say crimson wolf in Japanese?

To say the words crimson wolf in Japanese language you say shinku no okami. These words are said as purpura lupum in Latin.You may say 'akai ookami,' written: 赤い狼

What is the word 'snow' when translated from English to Japanese?

The word "yuki" is the Japanese word for snow.

What is the Japanese words for Snow wolf?

Ookami means wolf in Japanese and yuki means snow in Japanese so, yuki ookami means snow wolf in Japanese.

What does koyuki mean in Japanese?

It is a japanese name that means powerful snow.