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In latin what does DE facto mean?

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De facto means from the fact or the done deed. In English it means in effect if not officially. It is usually contrasted with de iure, meaning from the law, hence officially.

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What is the language of origin for the word de facto?

De facto is Latin.

What is Latin for in fact?

de facto

What is the meaning of the word de facto?

The Latin word de facto refers to "in fact" in English language.

What does 'de facto capital of the Caliphate' mean?

The English meaning of the Latin phrase 'de facto' is 'in' ['de'] 'fact' ['facto']. So the phrase 'de facto capital of the Caliphate' means the city that in fact serves as the capital city. The English meaning of the Latin phrase 'de jure' is 'in' ['de'] 'law' ['jure']. In this example, the city that the law recognizes as the capital isn't the city that actually fills the role.

What is ex post facoto?

I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact" I think you mean ex post facto, which is latin for "after the fact"

What does the Latin expression De facto mean?

De facto means "according to the fact", and refers to a situation as it actually exists, regardless of what the law specifies. The alternative is De jure, "according to the law". A de jure ruler occupies the ruling office or position established by law; a de facto ruler is the one who actually wields the power.

What is the Latin phrase meaning wields power without an official position?

This situation could be described as de facto power (control, leadership, etc.). De facto is Latin for "according to the fact", as opposed to de jure, "according to the law".

What does de jure and de facto politica power mean?

jure power = legislation ;facto power=justice

What does this Latin phrase mean for that very reason?

Ipso facto

When was De Facto - De Facto album - created?

De Facto - De Facto album - was created in 1999.

Ex de facto?

The Ex Post Facto law is a law that can go backward and change the legal consequences. In Latin, it means "after the facts."

What does de facto status mean?

If something is de facto it means it is a reality, a fact of life, even if not approved in law (de jure).eg: Kosovo exists as a de facto country because, de jure, it is still part of de jure one cannot park one's car on the pavement but de facto everyone does.

What is defacto reorganization?

It is a reorganization that has taken place in actuality, if not officially. It is from the Latin "de facto", roughly, "of or in fact".

De facto equality?

de facto means 'concerning fact' or 'in reality'. So de jure (concerning law) equality would mean equality in law (but not necessarily in fact) and de facto equality would mean equality in practice. A good real life example is race relations in the US. The 1965 Civil Rights Act ended de jure discrimination and inequality in America, but de facto discrimination and inequality persisted.

What does de facto mean in relationship status?

De facto means 'fact of life', or 'concerning fact' in general terms. A de facto relationship is one, in which both the partners are not married, live together, not related as siblings, and are over the age of 18.

What is de-facto equality?

De facto means: In fact (in Latin) it describes a practice which has no legal or official status. De facto equality therefore means public equality - equality that is not legal. e.g: Civil Rights act in the 60s meant there was equality for black people. But there was no de facto equality. So white people still (or at first) didn't treat black people as equals.

What does de facto mean when it refers to a foreign government?

The words translate to mean 'in reality'. In this case it means existing but not legally recognised. For example, you may say he was Prime Minister, but de facto president of the country

How do you use de facto in a sentence?

Since the President resigned, the Vice President became the de facto President. In the sentence, de facto is expressing a fact.

De facto discrimination is?

de facto means in practice, in effect and is often contrasted with de jure - by law. So defacto discrimination means discrimination in practice (but not in law).

What is a de facto directorless corporation?

A de facto director is a person or committee that acts in place of a director in a corporation. The de facto director is legally responsible for the corporation.

What is the Latin phrase for retrospective action?

ex post facto ex post facto

What is silent and de facto amnesty?

Silent = Unspoken de facto = in fact amnesty. = pardon.

Can you give one example of 'de facto' segregation?

The Latin phrase 'de facto' means in fact. In the word-by-word translation, the preposition 'de' means 'from, of'. The noun 'facto' means 'fact'. In its application to segregation, the phrase therefore refers to a separation that exists in reality, not according to the law. One example of 'de facto' segregation may be the description of the city of Montreal, in the Canadian province of Quebec. The city has an international culture. But some neighborhoods and some parts of the city may be described as segregated 'de facto', into separate English and French speaking residential and business areas.

What is a de jure and de facto government?

Answer 1:De facto is latin for in fact and in political terms indicates a government that may have ceased power unlawfully. They may not be constitutionally in power, but are in reality. De jure is the opposite.Answer 2:De facto is a government supported by the people of the state and not by a constitution. De jure on the other hand is a government supported by a present constitution. For example: Corry Aquino's government.Answer 3:A de jure government is officially recognized by the constitution and other (neighboring) states, and sometimes even supranational and inter-governmental institutions. De facto governments are not recognized. De facto governments are caused by for example a revolution within (i.e. revolutions caused by the people of the State).

What is Latin for after the fact?

ex post facto

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