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In logic, what is real is SCIENCE.

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reasoning conducted or assessed according to strict principles of validity:

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Q: In logic what is real definition?
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Byzantine logic definition?

complicated logic. intricate and involved logic.

What is the Definition of a super computer?

what is logic

What is the underlying logic of science?

Reality is real.

What is the definition of fallacious?

Fallacious means false or faulty, especially in terms of logic.

When was Definition of Real created?

Definition of Real was created on 2008-06-10.

What is the definition of experimental logic?

A proposition of pure logic which can be quantified and employed as the basis of physical experiment. Only one example is known to exist: Bell's Theorem.

What does engineer do?

An engineer uses mathematics, science, logic, technology, and common sense to solve real world problems. I apologize if this definition may seem too broad, but there are infinitely many particular tasks that engineers can do.

What is the real definition of animals?

You spelled definition wrong...

What is the toughest question?

What am I ? Most things make sense when you look at them with logic, but what do you look at logic with to see if that's real or not, and so on......................and so on.............

What is an etymological definition of logic?

'branch of philosophy that treats of forms of thinking' or 'pertaining to speaking or reasoning'

What is business logic and why was it important for corporate travelers to have online reservation system that included business logic?

Business logic refers to the part of the program that encodes the real world business rules.

Are myths all real?

No. By definition myths are not real.