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; Prudence King Prudence, nicknamed "Prue", is fourteen, and is considered quite intelligent and mature for her age, as she reads a lot of the books from their family's bookstore. She has an incredible imagination, and despite her maturity, she engages in child-like imaginary games, which her younger sister, Grace, envies greatly. For example, Prue creates an imaginary friend called Tobias, a young blonde boy her age who was inspired by a boy she saw in a painting, and she often talks to him at night and at times when she doesn't feel herself. Tobias appears at various times throughout the book in Prue's imagination, but she dismisses him one day at school, and he does not appear again. In terms of appearance, Prue is described by other characters in the novel as "skinny and pretty", and has long dark hair which falls in soft curls. She often wears a red and white checkered dress made by her mother, which she despises and calls her "tablecloth dress". ; Rax Mr. Raxberry, "Rax" to his students, is Prudence's art teacher. He is very kind and understanding to Prue, and often looks after her at times when she is distressed. Rax is young, most likely in his mid-twenties, and has brown hair and a "little beard" on his chin. He is considered to be quite good-looking by Prue, and also has a very cool and relaxed attitude. He is married with children, but still has feelings for Prue, despite the age gap. ; Grace King Grace is Prue's younger sister. She is very sweet and easy going. She believes she is fat, and when Prue says it's a stage everyone goes through she replies that "you didn't". When sent to school she makes two friends (Iggy and Figgy), unlike her sister, and is nicknamed "Piggy". Grace is not as academic or thin as Prue and envies her greatly, for example, she wishes she could imagine games like her sister. She usually gets on her father's nerves and occasionally on Prue's. She quickly figured out that Prue was "keen on Rax", showing that she is not as ditsy as everyone thinks. ; Toby Toby is Prue's classmate and friend - he is popular, handsome and the object of many of the girls desires. He immediately takes a liking to Prue despite the fact she is humiliated by teachers and teased by the other girls in her year. Toby likes Prue's intelligence and independence, which is so different to the other girls. He is dyslexic and asks Prue to teach him to read. Toby, although only ever a friend to Prue later helps her family discover a small fortune that may save the family book shop.

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The characters' names can vary based on the specific book, movie, or TV show. Could you please provide more details so I can give you more accurate information?

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Q: In love lessons what are the characters names?
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