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The term is used for character of steel, which become brittle at hot working temperature ie above 0.6 Tm (recrystallization temperature, where strain hardening is removed ) hot short hinders in hot working operation, often caused by the presence of sulphur in metal.

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Q: In metallurgy what is hot shortness in steel?
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What is red-shortness in steel?

is the steel which breaks as it's heated to red hot

How do you control hot shortness?

The main reason of hot sortness is sulphur in steel. Therefore, answer of control of hot sortness is to control the sulphur in liquid steel before casting

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What is hot shortness?

Sulfur in steel is considered injurious except when added to enhance machinability. Sulfur readilly combines with iron to form a low melting iron sulphide. Sulfur causes hot shortness in steel unless sufficient manganese is added. Sulfur has a greater affinity for manganese than iron and forms manganese sulphide which has a meltin point above the hot rolling temperature of steel, which eliminates hot shortness. By hot shortness we mean that the steel will literally break apart during hot rolling resulting in a scrapped product

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What are the major industrial pollutants from the steel industry?

In its steel industry sulfur emissions and CO2 Exhalant of metallurgy are polluting.

What element causes the known as cold shortness in steel?


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