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To get a steak you have to spend a lot of energy on growing plants as food for the animal that will become the steak. And animals aren't that good at turning plants into meat, so you have to feed them a lot more than they produce.

If you grow plants to feed to people directly instead, bypassing the animal, the same amount of plants will feed a lot more people than the animal did.

2014-01-16 10:01:47
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Why is eating meat an inefficient way to obtain the energy originally captured by plants?

It is an inefficient way of obtaining the energy that plants originally had because as the food chain progresses the energy obtained by each level decreases. As humans, we are at the top of the food chain. Therefore we obtain the least amount of energy.

Which no off Pakistan in Pakistan energy use in excessively inefficient since its GDP per unit energy used is 4.0 which rank it out of 110 countries?


Why are sheep so inefficient at converting grass to meat?

They don't turn grass into meat!! They turn it into ENERGY by eating it. _________________________ The energy is wasted in execration, respiration etc. Not all the energy is consumed as biomass on the sheep.

Is the wind a predictable energy source?

No, it is a very unreliable and inefficient energy source.

How effective is wind?

For energy production it is very inefficient.

What is a disadvantage of using windmills as a source of energy?

They are incredibly inefficient.

What is the biggest barrier to the use of renewable energy in the US?

It is presently inefficient.

Why is an incadescent bulb a very inefficient light source?

An incandescent light bulb is very inefficient light source because of the amount of heat energy wasted when it is energized.

In a bulb which energy is converted into which energy?

in a light bulb, electrical energy is converted into light and heat energy. mainly heat (lightbulbs are relatively inefficient)

How does a consumer get its energy to survive?

How Does A consumer Get its Energy: by eating.We get energy by eating food.

Does protein store energy?

Protein can provide energy, but this is extremely inefficient. This is due to the fact that the energy it takes to make it usable as energy is almost as much as the energy it provides.

Why is it inefficient to use high quality energy to heat homes and buildings?

I have no idea what this question means. What is high quality energy?

Is rubbish a source of energy?

Rubbish in general is not. Some can be used but it is very inefficient to do so.

How do you use thermal energy and thermometer in the same sentence?

The thermal energy output of the new engine was inefficient, as the thermometer quickly demonstrated.

How much efficient is geothermal energy?

It is usually not energy that is efficient or inefficient. Rather, the technology used to extract it may be efficient or inefficient. In the case of any heat energy, the upper limit to the efficiency is given by the Carnot equation for heat engines, and depends on the temperature of the heat source, as well as the environmental temperature.

How do herbivores get their energy?

A herbivore gets its energy by eating plantsHerbivorous animals acquire energy by eating plants.

What is an example of a common technology that does not efficiently convert energy?

Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient at converting energy into light. They are so inefficient that in many places there is no a ban on the sale or manufacture of incandescent light bulbs in favor of higher efficiency CFLs, LEDs, or halogen lights.

How energy cannot be created?

Energy can be created by eating the right choice of foods, not eating too much, and not eating too little.

How does energy move from one level to the next?

Energy is transferred from one level to the next as organisms are consumed. The transfer is inefficient as 90% of the stored energy is lost as heat when that stored energy is burned.

How do you get energy to survrive?

We get energy by eating food.

How does a monkey get its energy?

Monkeys get there energy by eating!

What do Consumers obtain energy by eating what and other consumers?

THey obtain energy by eating consumers and producers.

Is eating an example of activation energy?


What kind of energy is eating?

chemical energy is the kind of energy

Do wind farms produce lots of energy?

It depends on the size of the turbines. Generally wind turbines are inefficient.