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In photography what is used as a fixing agent?


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Sodium Theosulfate AKA Hypo is one form of fixing agent


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Hypo is a reducing agent when combined with Na.

Polonium is not used in photography.

No, silve nitrate is used in photography

aluminuim is used in flashlight photography

fixer, stop bath and developer are chemicals used in photography. :] fixer, stop bath and developer are chemicals used in photography. :]

fixing would be used as a verb. It would say something like: I am fixing the computer right now.Fixing:She was fixing to buy a new car, but was stopped by her husband.The teacher found that fixing each students mistakes can be a tedious job.The kids discovered some unique rocks while fixing their bikes.We are fixing to go to the mall. Would you like to go with us?

Photography is a form of art. It can be used to show facts, as seen in press photography. It can be used therapeutically, as a form of expression. However, photography is most commonly used to keep fond memories of great times. A picture captures a thousand words.

It is widely used in standard film-based (pre-digital) photography.

While I was in photography class in high school, we used to go into the dark room and put pennies in the fixing agent trays. The copper would attract the silver that was left behind in the trays due to the developing process. The longer you left the copper in the tray, the more silver would be attracted to it. Works with other metals as well. Hope this helps.

FPG International Stock Photography USED TO be an independent stock photography company, but getty images bought out FPG International Stock Photography

it is used in the compound silver iodide and it reflects the light. it is essentially the basis of black and white photography.

Hypo is used in photography it is a solution of Sodium thio sulphate, Na2S2O3

The idea of permanently capturing an image on a substrate was thought of by Thomas Wedgwood in England, but his early attempts used silver nitrate without a fixing agent, meaning the images could not leave darkened rooms. The first known photograph taken by a camera is credited to French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce, who in 1826 successfully captured a permanent image using a camera obscura.

Certainly more than one element is used in photography (and everything else too!). But silver is an important element in photography, although not so much now as in the past.

When being used in photography, a telephoto lens is used as a long focus lens. This means that the focal length of the lens is longer than the physical length. This type of lens is often used for photography of animals.

Photography originated from a device called a camera obscura. It was used as a tool in drawing.

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One of the disadvantages of heating fixing is that it is very expensive. Secondly, it cannot be used in capsular staining.

Still life photography basically deals with static objects but object photography deals basically with a certain set of commercial products used for advertising.

Light meters are used in photography to find out the rate of exposure. This tells you if you need to use a flash or not and how the picture will come out.

Agent Orange was used in Okinawa.

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