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In primary teeth, the ideal occlusal scheme is

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Mesial step

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Q: In primary teeth the ideal occlusal scheme is?
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Difference between occlusal outline and occlusal table of the teeth?

occlusal table means the area bounded by the cusp ridges and marginal ridges

What is the chew surface of the posterior teeth?

This is the Occlusal surface

What are the flat grinding teeth called?

Those surfaces would be called the Occlusal surface of the posterior teeth.

What is a pit in a tooth?

an area on the occlusal surface of the teeth where the grooves come together or the fissures cross

Is A pellicle is formed by saliva and resides usuallyon the occlusal surface of the teeth?

No it acts as a membrane to which bacteria attach

What does occlusive mean?

"Occlusive" is an adjective that refers to the occlusal, which is the chewing surface of molar and pre-molar teeth.

What is an acyrlic occlusal appliance?

An acrylic occlusal appliance is a plastic-like device manufactured on the order of a dentist to prevent wearing away of the teeth due to clenching or grinding. It is made to fit the specific mouth for which it was made.

What is occlusal can not?

It is basically a slanting of the teeth relative to the lips and nose. It's usually a result of facial asymmetries in the jaw. The photo on the left is an example of an occlusal cant:

What is the rounded raised area on the cervical third of the lingual surface of anterior teeth?

Marinal ridge - Round, raied border on the mesial and distal portions of the lingual surfaces of the anterior teeth and the occlusal table of posterior teeth.

Can braces even out a canted occlusal plane?

While with traditional orthodontic treatment, canted occlusal planes can be problematic, the use of new mini-screws has changed this. Inserting a small mini-screw into the maxilla allows controlled intrusion and extrusion of teeth in order to level a canted occlusal plane.

There is two types of teethes what are the names?

Primary (or deciduous) teeth, and permanent (adult) teeth.

What is submergence?

deciduous molar with their occlusal surface below that of adjacent teeth most common is mandibular second deciduous molar may become ankylosed