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71 3/7 or 500/7

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Q: In randi's school 5 out of 7 students ride the bus to school what percent of the students ride the bus?
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What is the percent of high school students that joy ride?

thats not aquestion to ask none can answer it

There are 24 students in Ms Messing's class six more students walk to school than ride their bikes the number of students that ride their bikes is the same as the number of students that are driven?

6 are driven 6 ride bikes 12 walk

What takes many kids to school every day?

Many students ride school buses to school every day.

How do American children get to school?

How Students Go to SchoolSome students go by bus, some students go to school walking, others ride their bike; WEARING A HELMET. Some students get picked up by their parent/guardian by car.But I wouldn't recommend children under 6 walking or riding a bike to school alone. But if they walk with a parent/guardian, it could be safe. And if they don't know how to ride a bike, probably not safe EVEN WITH AN ADULT OR GROWN - UP.

How do students get to school in Canada?

By walking, biking, taking the bus, skateboarding, getting a car ride, driving. The normal stuff, really.

How do Japanese children get to school?

As in the US, some walk to local schools. Preschools and kindergarten and some other schools take a bus. Many middle school and high school students ride bikes.

How many students are allowed to stand on a school bus tht seats 43?

None. A student has to be able to sit down or they can't ride on it.

How do you write informal letter toschool principal to arrange a metro ride for the students?

To the principal, your school name and address of your school date,year dear principal content of the letter thank you and sign

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The Old Ride School ended in 1990.

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