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In season 1 of Good Luck Charlie how old is Gabe Duncan and what grade was he in?


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He is in 4th grade and he is 10


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yes. the birth order is: PJ Duncan, then Teddy Duncan, Gabe Duncan, and Charlie Duncan.

Bradley Steven Perry plays Gabe Duncan in "Good Luck Charlie".

The episode that Jo and Gabe dance in is called "Duncan vs. Duncan".

Gabe dunkin is good luck charlie is about 13 to 14 years old

the duncan family is a family from the t.v a comidie amy duncan,bob duncan ,p.j duncan, teddy duncan ,gabe duncan, charlie cuncan last but not least toby duncan

He is 12 in the show, so 7th-8th grade

there is teddy and pj and gabe and mr and ms duncan

Bradley Steven Perry plays the role of Gabe Duncan in American television sitcom "Good Luck Charlie". Bradley Steven Perry was born on November 18, 1998.

Gabe Duncan in Good Luck Charlie is played by Bradley Steven Perry.

The cast of Good Luck Charlie is:Eric Allan Kramer as: Robert "Bob" DuncanLeigh- Allyn Baker as: Amy DuncanJason Dolley as: Paul James "PJ" DuncanBridgit Mendler as: Teddy DuncanBradley Steven Perry as: Gabirel "Gabe" DuncanMia Talerico as: Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan

Bradly Steven Perry plays Gabriel "Gabe" Duncan.

Here are the characters: Bob Ducan-Eric Allan Kramer Amy Duncan-Leigh-Allyn Baker PJ Duncan-Jason Dolley Teddy Duncan- Bridget Mendler Gabe Duncan-Bradley Steven Perry Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan- Mia Talerico

there isn't a kyle duncan there is Amy, Bob, PJ, Teddy, Gabe, and Charlie Duncan.But if you go on good luck charlie wiki Kyl is supposed to be the name of the 5th duncan child so apparently he would be 0 years old

Just by being lazy, sarcastic and manipulating others for your own benefit.

Gabriel Duncun (or Gabe Duncan) is played by Bradley Steven Perry

well since gabe is in fourth or fith grade he must be 10 or 11.I bet in one episode they will tell.

She is 11, and she is in 5th grade with Gabe. Her last-name is unknown.

In the family there is (in age order!) Dad (bob duncan) Mum ( amy duncan) Pj Duncan Teddy duncan Gabe Duncan Charlie Duncan Teddy's Friends Ivy Skyler Pj's Friends Emet Skyler (girl friend) Gabes Friend's Jake Other characters Spencer Mrs Dabny

(During Season 2) On The Show(2011): Robert "Bob" Duncan- 39 Amy Duncan: 39 Paul James "PJ" Duncan- 18 Teddy Duncan- 16 Gabriel "Gabe" Duncan- 12 Charlotte "Charlie" Duncan- 2 Real Life(2011) Eric Allan Kramer- 49 Leigh-Allyn Baker- 39 Jason Dolley- 20 Bridgit Mendler- 19 Bradley Steven Perry- 13 Mia Talerico- 3

Teddy Duncan is portrayed by Bridget Mendler, Gabe Duncan is portrayed by Bradley Steven Perry, PJ Duncan is portrayed by Jason Dolley, Charlie Duncan is played by Mia Talerico, Amy Duncan is played by Leigh-Allyn Baker and Bob Duncan is played by Eric Allan Kramer

Oh I know what your talking about but I am not sure it was some movie about a port hole all I can remember.

Teddy Duncan is 16 years old but in Real life, Bridgit mendler who plays Teddy is 18.PJ Duncan is 17 or 18 years old but truly, Jason Dolley who plays PJ is 20.Gabe Duncan is 12 1/2 or 13 years old . Bradley Steven Perry who plays Gabe is really 12.Charlie Duncan is 2 or 3 years old. Mia Talerico, who plays Charlie is 3.Leigh-Allyn Baker (or Amy Duncan) is 39 years old in real lifeEric Allan Kramer (or Bob Duncan) is somehow 49 years old.

Bradley Steven Perry is Gabe Duncan's real name.

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