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pase lo que pase voy a estar esperando por usted. tu` guapo el kiate

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Q: In spanish how do you say whatever happens I will be waiting for you?
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How do you say waiting to meet you in Spanish?

How do you say waiting to meet you in spanish?

In french how do say whatever happens i will be waiting for you?

Tryquoi qu'il arrive je serai là pour toi(no matter what happens, I shall be there for you).

How do you say waiting in spanish?


How do you say nothing waiting for in spanish?

"nada en espera"

How do you say waiting room in Spanish?

Sala de espera

What is whatever in spanish?

You can say "no me importa", which is like "I don't really care," or as we Americans like to say, "Whatever."

How do you say 'waiting for my cousins'?

Yo estoy esperando para mis tios would be the best way to say "I am waiting for my cousins" in Spanish.

How do you say invest in god in spanish?

Whatever that means... In Spanish, you would say "invertir en Dios".

How do you say whatever brother in spanish?

cualquier hermano!

How do you say I am waiting on summer in spanish?

Estoy esperando/Espero el verano.

How you say whatever in spanish?

Sea lo que sea.

How do you say 'whatever it takes' in spanish?

Lo que sea necesario