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Because its the presidents chair

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Q: In the Cabinet room what's the difference between the President's chair and the other chairs?
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What is the selection responsibilities and privileges of committee chairs in the house and senate?

Usually chairmanship is given by seniority and topic.

What system is used to determine who will chair congressional committees?

The party leadership is the one who actually makes the decision of who will serve as chair of Congressional committees. At one time committee chairs were determined by seniority.

What president was a musician architect and the inventor of swivel Chairs?

Thomas Jefferson. The main instrument he played was the violin. He is credited with the architectural planning of the University of Virginia grounds. The swivel chair was introduced to the United States by him.

Who are the Gracchus Brothers?

The Gracchus brothers were two Roman reformers. They wanted to fix problems without going through the Senate. Tiberius became a tribune, so he could appeal directly to the people. He wanted to limit the amount of land people could own, and he proposed that the Senate should give public land to the poor. Senators beat him to death with chairs they were sitting on. Gaius, his brother, continued on with Tiberius' ideas once Tiberius was dead, but was eventually forced to commit suicide to maintain his honor (before he was beaten to death with chairs, too.)

Is there a star of david on the chairs that the representaives sit in in the house chamber?

No, this is an urban legend started by conspiracy theorists who claim Zionists and the Illuminati control the US Congress. In actuality, this refers to the ring of stars symbolizing the stars in the American flag placed above the head of the eagle in the United States symbol.

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In the cabinet room what is the difference between the presidents chair and the other chairs?

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