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Since this is informal useage, papá. You could say padre, but that is more formal.

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Q: In the Spanish language what does 'Dad' mean?
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What does pape in spanish mean in english?


What does tu papá mean in spanish?

You speak Spanish a lot papa.

What does language mean in spanish?

You mean how to say language in Spanish? Idioma or Lengua. Most people say lenguaje now days.

What does ek mean in Spanish language?

This word doesn't exist in spanish

What is no you gusta in?

If you mean what language, it's spanish.

What does Preguntastes mean?

asked. Language: Spanish*

What does carlinale mean in Mexican?

There's no such language as "Mexican". If you mean Spanish, carlinale has no meaning in Spanish. It's not a Spanish word.

What does español mean?

Espanol is the Spanish way of saying the word "Spanish".

What does dos copas mean in spanish?

It IS in the Spanish language. In English it means 'wineglasses'

What does dad where are mean in spanish?

Translation: Papa en donde estas

What does que prefiere tu papa mean in spanish?

What does your dad prefer?

What does que idiom mean in spanish?

It means what language