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what is the translation into latin for In the beginning was the word

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Q: In the beginning was the word latin?
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How do you day - I am the beginning - in Latin?

The word for "beginning" in Latin is principium, so "I am the beginning" is Principium sum.

What is the latin word for beginning?


What word has the Latin word initium in it?

The English word initial comes from the Latin initium.Your initials are the letters beginning your first and last name and initium means "beginning".

Latin word for human beings?

Latin word for being is "esse".

What is the Latin word for new beginning?

The Latin words for new beginning are Novus Initium

What does the Latin word introitus mean?

Entrance, beginning, mouth of a river.

the word for (to get back)?

The Latin phrase for "Back to the beginning" is ab initio

What does the word aborigine?

Latin, "first inhabitants" or ab origine, "from the beginning."

What is the original Latin word do you refer to the first book of the Bible?

Genesis is Greek from the word meaning 'creation, beginning' and is written the same in the Latin.

Latin roots of the word beginning?

the answer is principio, but I want to know if there are other English words that contain that latin root?

What is the latin word for 'from the beginning'?

One of two Latin phrases may be chosen as equivalent to the English phrase 'from the beginning'. One option is the phrase ab initio, which is in the ablative case. The nominative, or subject, form of the word in the singular is 'initium', which means 'an entering upon' and, therefore, a beginning. Another option is ab ovo, which literally means 'from the egg'.

What is a prefixs?

A prefix is the beginning of a word. Prefixes often have meanings from the Latin or Greek language.