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He gets bit by a dog

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Q: In the book Hoot why does mullet fingers go to the emergency room?
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In the book Hoot where was Mullet Fingers during the groundbreaking ceremony?

in an owl den

Why does Roy return to the woods to find Mullet fingers hoot?

just delete the hoot part, thats from the book

In the book hoot which boy plan to save the owl was more effective roy or mullett fingers?

Mullet fingers

Who in the book Hoot saves the owls?

Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Fingers. Along with the help of the school.

In the book hoot did they still build the mother paula?

No they did not because Roy, Beatrice, and Mullet Fingers stop the construction of it.

What does roy discover on the airboat trip through the everglades in the book Hoot?

He discovers a stronger connection to Mullet Fingers.

Who are the main characters in hoot the book?

Roy Eberheardt, Beatrice Leep, Mullet Fingers, Dana Matherson, Officer Delinko, Curly, Check Muckle.....They call him Mullet Fingers because he doesn't have a family so they gave him a name....and this was it.

Where does the book hoot take place?

There are a lot if differences than similarites in the book,first of all mullet fingers is a runaway in booth and kids attend trace middle

What was the best part of the book hoot?

When they found out Mullet fingers get bit by the Rottweiler curly insisted to have to protect the construction work so they are no copper snakes going around

In the book 'Hoot' by Carl Hiaasen why is Roy so interested in the strange boy outside the bus window?

He noticed that the boy (eventually revealed to be named "Mullet Fingers") was running with no shows on.

What does it mean in the end when Roy says he'll do what a real Florida boy would do in book Hoot by Carl Haissen?

he means he'll be more like mullet fingers... a true fl boy

How is the movie hoot different from the novel?

I think in the book, they did not mention where Mullet Finger's lives (the ship). Reading the book is advised.